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  1. Tree Cattle, I think. They're a sort of barklouse.

  2. I can touch trade you the bd legendaries for the sp legendaries. I’ll also give you Spinda and Kecleon

  3. Hiya, I had to work and just got back, thank you! Are you still available for this setup?

  4. Yes I’m ready, let me know the link code. Do you have a Misdreavus? Need it for my dex

  5. Thank you very much! And for being on the ball because I entirely forgot about needing Ho-oh, bahaha~ have a good one!

  6. Remote raid passes being ineligible for those Zweilous raids sure is foul!

  7. Not really. The whole point of those raids is to benefit from the subsequent Deino spawns around the gym. If you're using remote raid passes then what's the point?

  8. I hated agility before the quest, but after it I was completely convinced that it is the worst skill in the game. Both to level and the interaction with the shortcuts.

  9. MEP2 is absolutely awful for Agility and Monkey Madness 2 had NO excuse to be as reliant on the skill as it was.

  10. You can also talk to all of them to buy basic gardening tools if you forgot one and also don’t have any with the leprechaun

  11. What's Special mean here?

  12. You can make a Home account with 30 spaces for Pokemon for free. There's a paid version with more storage, but if you're just in it for the Mystery Box, free works

  13. Magcargo is my favorite Pokemon of them all and seeing it finally carve out a niche in any meta is so wonderful~

  14. They already have a method of preventing that. You can't trade legendaries or mythicals from Home to SwSh if you haven't obtained/touch traded them in SwSh to begin with. BDSP will likely have the same gate

  15. You have to use it for the easy Falador diary but yeah I think that's it lol

  16. It's also used in Devious Minds, but I think it was mentioned that's the least completed quest out of the bunch

  17. I’m downloading it at around 200kb per second.... is it normal..... pretty sure it’s not my internet connection problem tho

  18. Ton of people downloading all at once and not enough seeders yet to make up for it. Give it some time/wait a few days and you'll be golden~

  19. That's just you being an asshole dude. Nothing to be proud of here.

  20. Don't forget the final book in the series, The Immortals. What a way to end a series.

  21. Giovanni is in the game all the time? How do I find him? I use rocket radars. Do you have to defeat the other three bosses first?

  22. Is there a reason watermelons get diseased every FUCKING FIVE SECONDS?

  23. Plant a Nasturtium in the Flower Patch nearby and prevents your melons from every getting diseased!

  24. Nasturtiums are easy to get, just pickpocket Master Farmers. Even then, you shouldn't need that many of them, just have one dedicated Watermelon patch where you don't remove the flower.

  25. I found Temple Trekking can drop a lot of good supplies on you, like Pure Ess, Bow Strings and Watermelon Seeds. It's honestly really helpful!

  26. Kind of? Pokemon retconned the pronunciation because of “Arse” being in the original official media, so it’s the hard K officially.

  27. I always found that logic stupid. They might as well change Nosepass's name for having ass in it.

  28. This may be a dumb question, but how do you know if it's 100/98% before catching?

  29. Its CP will be a certain number depending on its IVs. If you memorize that number or have a chart ready, you can tell the IVs from the get go!

  30. I evolved my shadow karp and TM’ed Frustration away. Will I be able to get this new move on it now?

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