1. I work in digital media and deadass: Traffic wise people love numbers, especially in headlines.

  2. I just watched the trailer and I might get hate for this but her accent is so strong!?

  3. I believe she didn't even learn English until her 20s? So linguistically, ever speaking it without an accent would be an extreme uphill battle for her--definitely one that couldn't fit into a pre-production schedule.

  4. People keep using Dune as an excuse for Florence's absence, but like... the literal lead of Dune was also at Venice, doing interviews and promo for another film?! I mean sure, I guess they could have just been conveniently only filming Florence/Irulan scenes right now, but that seems... unlikely.

  5. Not to attack you but I really hope we as a society can stop acting like 40-something women should look like the crypt keeper. She isn't 80! Chris Pratt, Jason Mamoa, and Lee Pace were all born the same year she was lol.

  6. Srs question: Is she in too small a size or was Khloe right about the gussets on Skims? Because there is no way that's covering her between the legs... [

  7. I keep telling y’all in a couple of years when the tea comes out about Sam, this show etc. I’m sure it will be a shit show

  8. I'm so curious as to how Zendaya will be portrayed when (and it is going to be when) this happens. She seems genuinely a) to be the only cast member Sam respects, and b) to be quite involved in production. So "omg I had no idea they were being treated that way" isn't gonna fly.

  9. I belive the opposite. Kelly set Karen up. She was the one to tell Karen about Greg and Imogen's kiss, and in some flashbacks seemed like a third wheel. The same way Karen was jealous of the other girls, Kelly was jealous of the spotlight Karen received. All the time.

  10. Fully on the "Kelly set up Karen" train! Or at the very least she's going to take advantage of her sister's death by basically moving into her life.

  11. Btw it’s width NOT width, why is that so hard for people to understand

  12. It's only width you have to accommodate if DK thinks you should be a FN/SN lol.

  13. Much like Snatch Game was Jinx + someone else (and the Roast too, tbh), I think this one was Monet + someone else.

  14. In the U.S. I think this is really dependent on your ethnicity tbh. I'm Black, and I was quite underweight for a long time in part because I liked how I was getting less attention. Since filling out, I feel like I'm getting far more unwanted attention.

  15. Getting married before 30 is always going to seem like an absolutely crazy move to me lol

  16. I once dated a guy whose dad is a divorce lawyer. His number one piece of advice was to not get married before 30.

  17. So even disregarding that verifieds are for inspo and not dissecting: I mean, if you go to a consultation he isn't going to whip out a measuring stick. I know there's a verified IRL Romantic who is 5'6, for example.

  18. This was another "Jinkx plus someone" in the top two week. I thought Monet and Viv were both better than Trinity, both their sets and their runways, but I guess they thought both Jinkx/Viv and Jinkx/Monet were redundant storyline wise.

  19. Agree that it was a Jinx plus someone week--and that Jinx/Monet, Jinx/Viv didn't work story wise--which is why I thought they'd go with Shea! She did well, looked great, and perhaps most importantly would have tightened up the race a bit more.

  20. I meant I'm surprised she didn't have sex with him to get pregnant.

  21. It was meant as a comment on how she always seems to let this man back in... clearly it did not translate lol.

  22. All three of the models were in smalls IIRC, and while I know different heights and shapes will look different at the same size... that math ain't mathin.'

  23. I think the same about Kendall. Just because the work is subtle doesn’t mean it’s not there

  24. Oy. Fine. As long as she casts Andrew Garfield as Mark Ronson. The guy is his doppelgänger.

  25. They'll probably go with Ben Barnes, the yassified Mark Ronson/Andrew Garfield.

  26. I literally came on this sub just to see if others felt this way... during the Crawl scene, because I damn sure wasn't trying to watch it 😂

  27. See I don’t care about Taika but find Rita Ora’s whole “real or grifter??” life/career fascinating lol. That’s why they needed to be about both!

  28. Gonna hijack your post to ask something that I've been meaning to ask lol: If "curvy FNs" (which are frankly most FNs at this point) don't need to accommodate curve because the width takes care of it.... then why do SNs need to accommodate curve?

  29. Most of this I’ve heard before but the Kate Moss comment is absolutely sending me.

  30. I think Janicza is my favorite director yet! I mean she is literally a super successful film director but still, what a treat.

  31. I mark how long I've been in the Kibbesphere by the cycle of Flamboyant Soft Natural coming back up loll.

  32. I would also like to add that fandoms harass white women like the likes of Olivia Wilde, Jenny Slate and Camille Rowe as well, finding reasons to hate them just because they dared to date their favourite celebrity.

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