1. Oh man this is going to sound like a humblebrag (please don't downvote!) but yes, mostly because I can kinda swing any color?

  2. It's so astounding how Selena Gomez, who I swore was a Flamboyant Natural six months ago, looks so harmonious and dainty in that dress!!

  3. Sounds kinda misogynistic and Madison is still super young. Please don’t downvote :(

  4. I mean again, not DK, but I can't imagine he'd approve of these looks for adult men or non-binary people either...?

  5. Okay well then sexist. Istg sometimes this sub gets on my nerves. Women should wear what they want, and no man should “approve”. I thought that would’ve been accepted but looking at my downvotes....

  6. Asking in sincerity: If you are opposed to a man's input on women's clothes then why are you here? My brother in Christ this is literally a sub dedicated to a dude's book that advises women on what to wear.

  7. It’s weird seeing Eiza blow up in Western media when I can only see her as Nikki from my favorite telenovela, Amores Verdaderos. I was always so used to the Mexican actors I liked staying in Mexican media and the American actors I liked staying American media. Never thought I’d see the two merge

  8. I mean.. is she blowing up? I think she's well known among people who follow gossip, but like my parents definitely have no clue who she is lol.

  9. Ashton could be SD, but I think he looks like many of the verified FNs before they bulked up for movie roles. If we think about the roles he plays and where he really shines, he is a charismatic, charming, friendly boy next door type. I’d have a hard time seeing him play Batman, like Christian Bale or playing a drug dealer trying to protect his legacy a la Matthew McConaughey. So I’m definitely going with my gut and saying FN.

  10. Yeah I thought FN for him right away. It's that All-American Boy energy I get from someone like a

  11. Honestly: A styling system should make you feel good about yourself. And if you aren't feeling it, it's not the one for you.

  12. So I enjoy your take on 'fun and subjective' Kibbe, and the example of Faye Dunaway being considered different extremes by different systems, but I want to add a note to your philosophical take that I feel merits consideration?

  13. I thought it was a given with my Faye Dunaway example that Vincent R's Romantic isn't Kibbe's Romantic by virtue of the fact that they're different systems; I should have clarified.

  14. I know Amy Adams is verified FN but she has such soft classic vibes to me

  15. I think that's a common feeling and she is put in those roles pretty frequently, but imo she really does just look

  16. I think it's important to remember that essences and faces are huge factors in celebrity verifications--so the verified celebrities are chosen by DK because they are Diva Chic as much (if not more) than they're chosen for their bodies. (Of course they fit the general physical parameters but as everyone who has Googled the heights of verified Classics knows--DK isn't exactly examining bikini pics lol.)

  17. I think of this every time people speculate about Timmy's love life.

  18. I’ve met him and he definitely doesn’t have Vertical beyond the baseline. Not much taller than me at 5’4”. I think I’d go SN.

  19. SN was my first thought, was kind of surprised I didn't see it thrown out sooner. He fits in well with Tom Cruise to me, a sort of... sporty romantic lead energy.

  20. Lmao this is really helpful, I want to see Company really badly but I have reservations about Lenk .

  21. Same. She was by far my least favorite part of The Band's Visit... and I figure if I can't get on board with her most famous role, I probably just don't vibe with her lol.

  22. It sounds unhinged, I know, but I honestly think she's FG or SD. I feel like she's primarily yang with some yin, and that she's vertical. I just don't know how that yin applies to her (petite or curve).

  23. Fully conspiracy theory--truly nothing to back this up--but my fave recent one is "I Heard You're Married Girl" by The Weeknd being about Ariana Grande.

  24. I'm sure he's in The Bad Place right now, telling Satan that a 2,700 year old entity with a good, stable job shouldn't even so much as breathe in the direction of a woman over the age of 1,500.

  25. Obviously I don't wish or celebrate death on anyone, however can't ignore the dark irony of him passing away in the arms of a some random woman he met the night before when he had shamed, talked down, and essentially blamed a black woman who was killed by the man she went home with only a few weeks earlier? It feels very eerie tbh.

  26. And a random woman over the age of 30 at that. I thought we were all withered up old hags?

  27. I admittedly haven't watched yet but how does DC like... work? Anatomically?

  28. I have wondered for decades what it was about that woman. Clapton could’ve had a million different women & he was obsessed with George Harrison’s wife? I know she was beautiful— but it makes me wonder what else she was doing…

  29. Not to take away from Pattie--a forever stunner, for sure--but I think for many people the desire is the appeal, or at least part of it. I think her being married to someone else really added to the allure.

  30. She reminds me of many of the people who post regularly in Strictly Kibbe Dramatic Classic.

  31. I say this as someone who did this a ton when I first got into Kibbe--examining celebrity bodies will just drive you insane, ha.

  32. As I have grown fond of saying, there are 8 billion people on this planet--and in theory, we could sort all of them into 10 groups. So needless to say, there is going to be a wild amount of variety within each group.

  33. I've thought a lot about why Kibbe is the one that seems to have the most "reach" (especially since the system has blown up on TikTok).

  34. I think this illustrates how very YMMV style systems in general are!

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