1. you could have put seb higher but you chose not to. you fiend. you scoundrel. and also i am kidding because i'm just glad to find a tierlist that he's actually on and s-tier sebastian is based as hell

  2. this post is like, one of the top results when you search something like "rave dj not working"

  3. i have my criticisms of the mcu but "woke" is not a word i would use to describe it

  4. i usually fold my arms behind my back. i don't fold them in front of my chest because that causes me to curl forward and i look like i'm activating some kind of defense mechanism when i'm really just trying to figure out where my hands go

  5. It’s tough to enjoy a peaceful dinner with the Ne doms pointing at everyone.

  6. ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  7. i'm gonna need someone to explain how this is a problem because everyone seems pretty in agreement that this is bad but i don't think my brain has turned on yet

  8. Objectification and fetishization of trans people and also their suffering not to mention that this most likely stems from transphobia

  9. got it. the way you phrased it made it sound like he was only fetishizing himself, which while being something i can't understand in the slightest, i initially didn't see any fault in, which was the part tripping me up

  10. well "bungo" is written "文豪" in kanji which to my knowledge translates to something like "literary master" which is obviously an allusion to how most characters & abilities are named for authors and books, but to use "literary master" in full would be clunky (and i know anime isn't exactly notorious for having streamlined names but let's pretend for a second), so we can chop off the second word and just use "literary," making it "literary stray dogs"

  11. you're literally just being yourself, if anyone gives you shit for that regardless of whether you're cis or trans you should be allowed to kill them

  12. there's so much untapped potential for making fun of INFPs but it always boils down to "lmao depression suicidal" and "haha F in type = crybaby"

  13. Facts are facts, cope with it.

  14. i ate a whole stick of travel size deodorant yesterday and when my friends found out, they were all like "what the fuck" so i started to describe what it was like, and i compared it to chalk, and one of them cried, "you ate chalk?" so i said, "no, i ate deodorant. and also chalk, but that was a while ago."

  15. They aren’t straight though they are both bi so they are a straight presenting bi couple

  16. i don't think millie is confirmed bi? i know moxxie is, but i'm pretty sure it's never been said that millie's bi, too. it's still a queer relationship regardless, i just don't remember if her sexuality was ever specified.

  17. yes, it does, but with no source. i'm moreso wondering if her sexuality has been officially stated, especially because other wikis (like

  18. /uj i didn't look at the subreddit and trying to read through the title + first paragraph felt like my brain was catapulting around in my head

  19. i've only been running roleplays for like seven months and i cannot fathom the headspace it takes to suck THIS MUCH at it. and the one that i'm running right now is the first roleplay i've ever run. like, ever, in my life. i don't even think i'm very good at it but reading through this + the fact that this all actually happened makes me feel a lot better about my own skills. someone needs to save this server

  20. That’s pretty dope, also, correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t the reason for her outfit design literally explained as being required due to her quirk?

  21. it still doesn't make a lot of sense, considering something like a sports bra would have more exposed skin and more breast support instead of the weird sideboob thing she got

  22. The real question is, is this actually a thing or did he just forget to change accounts? Cause these kinds of people do that a lot.

  23. he just really fucked up his grammar. "as a gay man" is meant to refer to the "he" mentioned later in the tweet, but because he followed that with "i" it accidentally seems as if benjamin himself is claiming to be a gay man

  24. Is he role playing or something? Hacked? Did he accidentally use his main acc instead of his 2nd one? Wtf is going on this isn't part of my 2022 bingo card

  25. he just really fucked up his grammar. "as a gay man" is meant to refer to the "he" mentioned later in the tweet, but because he followed that with "i" it accidentally seems as if benjamin himself is claiming to be a gay man

  26. in the 2012 show here, definitely mikey. in rise, i straight-up can't pick one, they're all too good

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