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  1. You can do preliminary tests by giving the drive power, and seeing if anything sounds bad. Other than that, you will need a system and a controller card.

  2. Thank you for this super interesting insight and the links you provided! I will give it a go and even if it wont work, I learned something!

  3. For context, these listings in the screenshot are easily 3-4 years old, because I scrolled to the oldest entries...

  4. It's just sad that she'll live two thirds of her life after he dies..

  5. One of these questions again? Simple answer: choose the girl, harvest her organs, buy the ps5, net profit.

  6. NGL, I'm hyped to see her daughter once she's grown up

  7. this particular one? 3 times which is pretty good for these types of posts.

  8. I'd be interested to know if the average has risen since the few posters who post Bitch switched to using AI to make their own stuff. I've noted that AI gets reported more than non-AI.

  9. Yes, we get many AI Art reports. We implemented a flair for these types of posts.

  10. Netcup is pretty good also you can cancel anytime within 30 days after the order without charge.

  11. it's all standard RP1 pieces, except for the 3 angle pieces on the probe, these are from near future construction (I thought they would look nice there)

  12. Maybe JunoCam is finally beating the dust? I remember when they said it'll only last 1 flyby, now we're at 48..

  13. It is coming! I don't have an ETA on it yet (it may take a little while) but we will be sure to apply them to all of the members once we've created them!

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