AITA for making my daughter share her presents with my stepdaughter?

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  1. I just left a federal agency, and someone I worked with recently transfered to my agency from DHHS because of burnout. Remote doesn't always mean low stress. Fewer hours, yes. Less stress, probably not.

  2. My husband loved this one, so I personally think it's a good box. He's really into socks, loves the deodorant (sandalwood is his favorite scent), has used the mug multiple times already, and has used the skin cream (which he used with serums he already has - there's no rule that you need to use skincare from the same line). The bag is great because he was using my toiletry bags when we travel and now he has his own! The wallet isn't his style, but he's gifting it to his stepfather for Christmas. And finally, I'll drink the coffee.

  3. Not in my experience. Since working for the feds, I've applied for a dozen or so jobs with other agencies. I get referred every time, but I've only been interviewed twice and ghosted both times. Not happy in my job, so I'm interviewing in the private sector now.

  4. I’d be curious to see your resume and see if there are any red flags you are missing that isn’t getting you to an interview. For all my vacancies it’s usually a couple small things that put people in the pile that doesn’t get an interview, and almost always comes down to a couple key things on their resume.

  5. It's the same resume that got me hired at my current agency as an honors attorney. I think my biggest issue is only having two years of experience and much more qualified attorneys getting the jobs.

  6. I recently found myself in a similar situation. I can share the pros and cons that I heard from my friends.

  7. My biggest concern is feeling undervalued because that's why I'm leaving my current job. I also didn't think of the longterm financial issue. Thank you for this insight. I'm going to interview and give it a shot. The recruiter is a third party, so it could be that she's warning me just in case.

  8. For what it's worth, this isn't all that uncommon. I had a colleague who was "classed back" because the firm didn't think he had enough experience in that area of law. He still made far more money than he had at his previous job.

  9. My recruiter did tell me it's possible she could negotiate being put back at my class after one year, but she also thinks they'd agree to hire me as a lateral because I have more experience in the field they're looking for than anyone else they've seen. I'll go through it and see what happens.

  10. No travel since COVID, but it's picking back up soon. I started at the beginning of COVID so I couldn't say.

  11. The high case load and extensive traveling gives me pause, but I guess that’s something to give great thought to. Thanks again for your responses.

  12. I think extensive travel is not common for most agencies, but my agency does investigations and elections...which means a lot of travel.

  13. Men can enjoy FFF. Half the stuff I get in mine goes to my husband. He's into skincare and cooking, so it usually works out that we both get something.

  14. PSLF isn't ending. The waiver does have an expiration of October of this year, but it could be extended.

  15. It stings for me only if I use it on active breakouts. It's like a sharp pinch sensation. Otherwise it just feels warm. I've actually really loved it. I had a pretty bad breakout when I started using it, and it cleared up much faster than usual while using this. And my face has so much less redness!

  16. legislation was introduced in the House in July shortening the time to 5 years:

  17. I literally signed up for text and email alerts for the Simplifying and Strengthening PSLF Act. Lol

  18. I got 4 weeks of FMLA leave for severe anxiety. Used sick leave so I'd still get paid. Mental health is health.

  19. I'm a government attorney and can highlight in Westlaw. I'm at a fed agency, and we have a lot of customizations, though.

  20. while in school or before passing the bar, someone can start out as a law clerk as a GS 9.

  21. I started as a non-barred law clerk (honors attorney) as a GS 11 in 2020 and am a GS 13 now. It's such a generous progression!

  22. I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder since I was a teen, so in law school I aimed to get a job that didn't involve litigation. I ended up in government, and I actually litigate more than my private-sector peers. When I have enough time to prepare (and I tend to prepare a lot so I feel more control and confidence), my anxiety is okay. When I show up on a Monday and see I'm assigned a multiple-day hearing starting in the middle of the week, I feel paralyzed by anxiety.

  23. It depends on the firm/union/agency you work for. Not all labor firms, for example, operate with the same work culture. I know labor attorneys that work in collegial firms and some that work in silos within their firms. Not even every NLRB office is the same.

  24. You are one of the worst people I've ever read about on here and an abusive parent.

  25. My thoughts exactly, as someone who went through a very similar situation when my mom remarried.

  26. YTA for even having to ask if you're TA in this situation. Keep it up and you won't have a relationship with your daughter as soon as she's old enough to cut you out.

  27. I don't have a review, but it reminds me of early 2000s fashion. Super cute.

  28. It says to use it with a serum of your choice, if I remember correctly.

  29. This is difficult, but as someone with Narcolepsy and cataplexy like Charlie, I would not go on the trip. Sleep paralysis that is also seen with Narcolepsy is a big problem with me when travelling, stress, time changes, jet lag etc. It takes 2 weeks to get back to normal even with medication. Charlie really needed his friend to go to make it a bit easier for everyone. I have never traveled without my husband, nor would I ever consider it because of cataplexy. Is it fair to Charlie? No, not at all but it is a reality.

  30. I have Narcolepsy with cataplexy and travel regularly. Just because you feel you can't do it doesn't mean others with the condition feel the same way. I do have an adjustment period, and it does have an impact on me...but it doesn't make travel any less worthwhile.

  31. YTA. I have the same type of narcolepsy and see nothing in your post that would prevent someone with the condition from participating in this vacation. I travel regularly without issue.

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