1. North Loop Pet Clinic @ 407 N Loop E Fwy, Houston, TX 77022

  2. You weren’t kidding, only $100 for x-ray and exam

  3. The Wizards operate in a very specific area and that’s 33-37 wins.

  4. They have a very specific skill set of mediocrity that they excel at

  5. Wonder what Dusty will say when Yordan hits 63 next year.

  6. If you listen to reggaeton most of them have very distinct styles. Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Wisin & Yandel, Zion & Lennox, Sech, Daddy Yankee, Rauw Alejandro, Jhay Cortez, etc

  7. Happens to me more often than girls flirting with me tbh lol. I usually just find it flattering and say thank you but I’m straight

  8. Use a high yields saving account like Marcus by Goldman Sachs instead

  9. Of course the professor would say that, meanwhile...

  10. Had a professor like that and the school did nothing despite countless complaints every semester because he was tenured. Literally the only one who taught the required class and he would get mad at you for asking questions. His grading system was also awful, he graded based on class average. So the average grade would be a C. So by design anyone who was below average failed the class. And if you were like my class and had a couple of geniuses who would make that average higher about half the class would come out failing.

  11. Yeah the school basically could do nothing due to his tenure

  12. Scoot, fear Wemby will be injured a lot. Seems like he’ll end up with an AD career, few great years before being injured all the time

  13. If Wemby ends up like AD that’s a massive dub. I would rather have prime AD than like Ja or Rose

  14. Scoot has the potential to make an impact for 10+ years. Rather have that then being contenders for 3-5 years only

  15. Honestly, looking at KD’s rookie year his shoulder/arm structure doesn’t seem too far off from Chet’s. I’m too young to remember KD as a prospect so maybe someone can enlighten me.

  16. KD has an absolute shit frame too, he’s an anomaly though not the norm. Chet plays nothing like him, he relies on defense where as KD plays like a guard

  17. Ausar maybe but no way Amen doesn’t go top 10 and i think he goes top 5. Again jumbo athletic playmaker is too good to pass up on and I have faith he’ll eventually get a decent shot. His FTs have been pretty consistent so far this season

  18. His shot is my main issue with him, I really don’t want a guard who can’t shoot. If he can fix it before draft than sure, if not I wouldn’t take the risk

  19. You literally described him as a PG. But I don’t think height matters, he plays like a guard. The greatest PG of all time was 6’9

  20. Alright which one of y’all reported me for harassment for calling out Dusty for ruining the no hitter.

  21. Getting downvoted crazy for it too. Apparently you’re not allowed to badmouth anything Astros related here

  22. Res 4, 6, 7, skyrim, saints and sinners, farpoint ... there's plenty of good single players games for vr

  23. Should be a given, no one’s throwing out that much money to play a game they’ve already played

  24. At least it wasn’t you will have sex with your mom

  25. Idk maybe we trade down to 2 hypothetically if we get the first pick and draft scoot, run a three guard lineup

  26. He’s usually not that good from 3, just had a really good night

  27. Bruh you have Wemby as 4 of all time?? Cmon man…

  28. One game and people already calling him the goat lol

  29. Logic tells me Dodgers/Yankees but heart tells me Mets/Mariners

  30. What about play-ins? Don't you think KPJ -Jalen-Tari-Jabari-Sengun can't handle that?

  31. No, they are literally all super young players

  32. Man, you can have a front court of Jabari, Sengun and Wemby with Jalen and KPJ getting easy looks and isos and motion flying around everywhere.

  33. And what about Eason? I really think he has all star potential. More so than KPJ even

  34. conker has manlet energy. always hyping up the skilled short dudes while trying to tear down the giants

  35. I mean literally almost every 7 footer has suffered injuries…

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