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  • By - trufk

  1. Soulsbourne series. The world is such a dark and grim place that the characters really stand out to you in very unique ways, and to this day Soliare is one of my favorite characters in terms of writing for a character with less then 50 total lines. I just beat the first Dark Souls and I think these games are what games are meant to be.

  2. Go human, kill Mildred, and then summon her by the fog gate, should take some of the aggro off you. Also

  3. Yeah summon sign can be annoying but generally its worth it even if you don't get help right away, you'll meet someone who will help you eventually and just get them to add you to do it later. I got help on Gwyn

  4. How did it go? How do you feel? How did his parents take it? Im sorry if im opening a wound you finally healed.

  5. Just sprint through the cave and 2 hand a ultra greatsword to drop him in like 10-20 hits depending on your build

  6. Yes, but I get cursed. I also want to get the moonlight greatsword. Even though I'm doing a havel build.

  7. Watch the walk-through on just the tail, I had to for Priscilla

  8. Painted world has the spear blob dudes, all of them total 7k souls i think. Only gotta kill 3 hollows, and I reccomend something with a huge swipe area while 2 handed to actually do reasonable damage. They have 2 attacks if I remember correctly, one spear throw and a big swipe but if you hit and keep moving around the group you should be fine. I used the Gravelord Sword+5 and it made life really easy

  9. If you change the color scheme and shield logo this would be a souls boss.

  10. Is the axe already at +5? If so it will be in ascend not reinforce. If it's not showing up in either. . . . . I have no idea

  11. I know that some weapons can't go past +5 I think, like the Gravelord Sword can't for sure I maxed it right away first playthrough.

  12. If she cheated she has her own issues to deal with far worse then you, move on, hit the gym, come up king.

  13. I just passed my first year in the retail flooring business, and through 3 months I've sold half of what I did total last year, im not where I want to be yet, but I do notice the progress im making. Less clients leave the showroom without taking samples, or I feel I built that repour to the point I have their trust with their home/project

  14. How was this supposed to take an hour I had it narrowed down to 2 answer in 2 minutes and deduced its the first choice on the left. Each shapes squares has a different arrow each time and all of them point the same direction. Just apply that logic to the squares and you know what's not there.

  15. Surviving the crash would be awful due to waking up to a mass graveyard that probably smells awful and you are probably going to be in immense pain

  16. Wallberg always plays the tough guy from Boston type, not exactly a great actor.

  17. I was gonna mention his role in The Departed was done well and different then how he does almost all his other roles, even Sully could have been better in Uncharted, but yeah he's pretty much the same dude in every movie

  18. I want a simple change. Any rideable animal should be able to headbutt berry trees

  19. The good, the bad, and the ugly is a masterpiece and the most complete film of all time. A lot of movies over time have replicated levels of its aspects, but never completely.

  20. Aegon the conqueror took westros with only 3 imagine what could do

  21. “You see in this world there are two types of people my friend, those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig”

  22. "Sleep out in the cold and damp, and you'll catch a bullet"

  23. King Kong, my father took me to see the 2004 version with Jack black and I was maybe 5 years old when I first saw it. The scene where they fall in the trench and get attacked/eaten/massacred by giant bugs absolutely fucked me up. I used to like bugs, and was never intimidated or scared of them, but I left that theater a changed boy

  24. PTU has the best eveeloutions. They're complete, balanced, and ready to go. Every type has one as well

  25. You don't. Enjoy the hacked mon.

  26. Pretty close to just releasing it at this point, like it doesn't feel right

  27. Don’t buy hacked Pokémon. It ruins part of the game for other ppl

  28. I would break the tail under the bridge, but I wanted to light the campfire past the wyvern. Essentially I had to shed everything in terms of armor so I could be fast

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