1. What kind of grinder are you using? Any plastic grinder I've used in 25+ yrs of the auto industry we used grinders that made granulated sized pellets. We would have to find a few hundred Gaylords to make anywhere near that amount of powder.

  2. This sub is a bit of an oddity compared to most online NB spaces. It’s anti-Higgs first, but is more anti-Irving than anything. Both the grits and Tories have history with Irving so that’s part of it. It also has a bizarre amount of people who think the NBNDP is actually viable as well as a fair amount of Green supporters. It leads to lots of “anything but Lib/Con” posting.

  3. To be fair,. This province really needs anything but reb/blue at least once.

  4. The only people that would benefit from shape has development are the gas companies and politicians. The damage done environmental during extraction is insane and if there was a export facility l, we all get higher priced gas and the companies get bigger profits

  5. I didn't know funding child services is cheaper and less government intervention then just feeding fucking lunch to hungry kids

  6. This is how Americans live their life. " If I help someone then I'll have less money and they will have the money"

  7. Not to defend the actions of a terrible person but the amount of work to renaming a whole city would be incredible. So many documents/forms/records would need updating. Think of all the companies related to shipping/transportation that are based out of Moncton - would be a huge headache for private industry, is that fair to do to them? What if my billing address on my credit card is 123 Main Street, Moncton. Do I gotta go in and change my address on all my online financial profiles now?

  8. Tldr: I'm for change as long as I'm not inconvenienced and businesses not have to pay because that's not fair.

  9. Wow sweet take, you make a great point! I never saw it that way. I guess all the stuff I pointed out is completely worthless to the discussion and shouldn't be considered, let's actually change the name of every place as often as we want, who cares what issues it causes?

  10. No offense, but I would kill that deal. You’ll be far better off with the RAV4 hybrid in the long term.

  11. Even though I know many of the people that assembled the RAV4, I will agree with you. Cheap parts, easy repairs (for a good mechanic) and reasonable build quality.

  12. Doubtful. The right will just find them like they fund tv religion

  13. My biggest frustration was the way they said masks would help and how the vaccine would help. They didn't explain them as devices that help and how they would help , they explained them like miracle cures. The government dropping mandates because people got vaccinated was way too rushed and never followed up.

  14. Make me cry why don’t you!! What a little sweetie!!

  15. I do not know how close I actually came to dying from all the cough syrup I drank in one sitting back in high school, but I distinctly remember hours of shitting and vomiting my brains out to the point of feeble exhaustion. The whole time my biggest concern was my parents finding out. If one of my children is that big of an idiot one day I want them to know they can come to me.

  16. All kids should be able to go to their parents about anything. This shouldn't mean there isn't a punishment. The message to kids needs to be I'm here for you but actions have consequences.

  17. My wife: it could light the way to toilet but you'd shit youself on the way anyway.

  18. They fly to Pearson and to Ottawa. Porter acquired an entire new fleet of brand new aircraft and are building a brand new terminal at Montreal Longueuil Airport as well.

  19. They basically had too. The old turbo props have been an issue flying out of Bishop.

  20. Definitely call Canada post. If you have your own box and it was addressed to go to your box, then that's all on them. This will also help with dealing with the shipper/seller to get a replacement shipped or refund. And file a police report.

  21. Hey, I agree with Satan! Cool! And please don't do it jellyfishgirlka. We can never have enough Kaela's in the world.

  22. I feel like Satan just didn't have as effective PR team back in the day.

  23. Your neighbour(s) likely sold at a price far beyond the assessed value. Congrats on your massive boost in equity!

  24. And ice answered why do I get punished for people over paying for homes?

  25. Winner should get the trophy, and the girls team won, give it to them.

  26. Just because I say that all women need to keep quiet, stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and need to respect my paper route job, they are cancelling ME.

  27. Never understood why you want her Prego in the kitchen. Completely inappropriate. What happens if she drops the sandwich meat? Who's picking it up? She can't. Now you don't get a sandwich.

  28. Bro I'm glad I'm not the only one I'm like that's a nice picture to show what we are now and we couldn't have that picture even 20 years ago but no it's they shouldn't be able to enjoy their lives because it shows as a society it's different than it used to be which for some reason is a bad thing.

  29. The feed under the tweet are full of ppl pissing their mind over how it's guys I. A hospital bed and they shouldn't be because they didn't give birth and no one's recovering. I too was expecting liberal delight at first

  30. That makes much more sense. It's too coherent to be now.

  31. It's all been the same bs to be popular and get them internet points. His ego has just got so big lately that he doesn't filter anything anymore.

  32. I do not think this is the threat that they think it is.

  33. $216k each . There's a lot of administrative cost to this project apparently.

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