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  1. Meh, It's cheap and, usually, it's nice out.

  2. Nice out?!?!? You mean 110F for the last month

  3. Keyword was usually. Spring, fall, and sometimes winter are the best times.

  4. Lol, that sticker ain't gonna work no more here soon

  5. Doesn't help that we have gang members on the police department. Next time you're near a station, look and see how many cars have gang identifiers like "III%" and "Oath Keepers" on them. It's long past time the city cleaned house.

  6. 3%ers and Oath Keepers aren't gangs. They're militia movements. There's a difference.

  7. That's it. 100% First few months of summer... Dear God the amount of fucking spiders. Brown Widow and Black Widow infestations have been so bad.

  8. My home, unfortunately, has a crawlspace (1950s era thing I think). This has led to numerous rat/ant infestations. Had to get some ductwork replaced because rats chewed through it.

  9. I hope recreational cannabis gets on the November ballot. They got 70000+ more than the required signatures for the petition.

  10. I don't want to even think about what's going to happen if recreational passes. I live in Midwest City, and I think dispensaries already outnumber food places as is. We don't have enough restaurants here to deal with stoners that have the munchies.

  11. Flee from Ukraine and it’s all fine. Flee from Central America and people lose their minds.

  12. Seeing as how refugees from Ukraine are certain to actually be refugees as Ukraine is a warzone? Yes.

  13. My (then) girlfriend used to ask all the time. She was super self-critical and was convinced I spent my time thinking about other girls.

  14. I mean...he has a point. We've ALREADY lost out on business due to Stittler's desire to be a Trumpian dictator.


  16. Firing someone because you can isn't dictatorial. Is it an asshole move? Yes.

  17. Not agreeing with it, but it might be a violation of the Hatch Act. Not totally sure about that though.

  18. And they've since protected their tweets.

  19. I'm more talking about a work culture that would make antiwork proud americans

  20. I'll admit that it IS worse than US work culture, but it's not too far off. Companies over here in the US basically shame any employee that wants time off and makes them jump through hoops to get it sometimes.

  21. I was born in 1984. So many opportunities fell to the wayside. That and I could probably save my mom from dying from ovarian cancer.

  22. Heeeey, I see that you have four arms! Wanna know how to use them?

  23. It was a toss up between Sweden and Norway for me. Too fucking cold.

  24. That's what happens when you go with a one child policy.

  25. Context: Guy with rifle tried to rob a liquor store in Norco, California and got immediately murked on by the owner who saw it coming on security cameras and had the shotty ready. Owner (80 Y/O) had a heart attack after but is expected to recover.

  26. Comrade's Hammer, because fuck you, the wall behind you, and the guy behind the wall.

  27. "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

  28. NTA. Grounding is a general punishment and specifics of it can easily be worked into it now that your wife is home. It's also appropriate considering how she acted.

  29. YTA. Because she was closest to the sink? Come on dude. You could have asked your wife whose turn it was, or told them to do it together. Or done it yourself and done a better job keeping track of whose turn it was in the future.

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