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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I personally would choose now as the time. But also, I don’t think you should feel guilty for having let this time pass to decide that.

  2. I don’t know the answer. But I have two kitties, and I know they’ll be old and sick one day. Reading your post, I thought about how sad my babies would be if they couldn’t sleep with me for even one night. I don’t know. I don’t think I could stomach seeing them and worrying. Also they pick up on your worrying too. Poor babies ❤️

  3. I'm going to sleep when I wake up I better see y'alls beautifully unhinged deep dive analysis on the sub xx


  5. For a minute, I thought this was the main sub, and I was wondering how this comment wasn’t sitting at -20.

  6. Omg… that’s so sad. Ugh. I’m hoping iRL people will be nice and not rag on anyone wearing gaylor stuff! Someone on here made the comment that people will be caught up inn their own stuff and not notice, and I’m hoping that’s true.

  7. Omg same, I’m going to the Arlington show and I’m not really sure either. Also, I’ve been to SO many concerts & I’ve realized that cute/sexy outfits are notttt worth stress or discomfort. Sometimes I just want to have fun and dance 💃🏻

  8. I'll say it. A place similar in name to Past Face Urgent Care (at least in the region I worked at) banned their front desk from informing customers that they have a credit balance to use toward their services and still required us to charge customers the full price on top of what we already owed them. Some accounts had like 500 dollars of copay that should have been refunded but weren't. I was actually reprimanded for applying the credit balance, because despite finance agreeing my method was correct, the regional manager said it was not a good look for the company and hindered her profits.

  9. This is why you should always look at your EOB’s. I catch mistakes all the time and they are usually in my favor.

  10. reminder that we have zero official confirmation that those clips are actually for lavender haze ! i mean it most likely is but it'd be interesting if they ended up being for another song entirely lol

  11. I wasn’t til I was 18 and I still felt rushed. A lot of my friends still hadn’t lost it by 18 either, so there’s no rush.

  12. A lot of people incapable of empathy REALLY love their children, because they see their kids as an extension of themselves. So yes I think he loves Austin, but is his version of love good and pure? Jury’s still out.

  13. I’m not positive, but I think medicine can become less effective if it’s been in certain temperatures… at this time of year wherever you are, does this apply as a factor? Maybe somewhere in the pharmacy was too cold?

  14. This is a question that has plagued me. On one hand, this is probably the only concert in the world that I will know all the songs and all the words, no matter what. On the other hand… I want to make SURE I know all the words. What if she picks something obscure that I don’t know the words to?! I want to sing at the top of my lungs 😍

  15. Can I just say, I’m very confused. I think I got banned for a bit, but I never posted anything gaylor related here. I just posted my bracelets I made, and one of them has rainbows on it. I’m not even sure what I did wrong besides be part of the gaylor sub. Can someone clarify please? I love this sub because it’s so relaxed, but I’m kinda upset over this. Mostly confused. Thank you. Love you.

  16. It just sucks. that post was basically trying to get the stoner sub to agree gaylors are ridiculous and was unprovoked in itself…and from ive seen…i and other gaylors weren’t even bringing up her relationships in this sub or disrespectful in that thread! just some random flagging and identifying other gaylors mostly. I get wanting this sub to be cordial or whatever, but like fuck if this doesn’t make me fucking sad it’s feels you can’t do that where other people could see it? don’t think gay thoughts unless in the perapproved spaces right?? (and i’m subject to downvotes with this i get it …but let’s all just acknowledge it was a gaylor post that caused this and it fucking sucks that a big part of her art is just not up for discussion in this sub now)

  17. I’m kinda I’m agreement, I’m a little nervous to post here now… I don’t want to get kicked out

  18. This was very very high effort… and if you read it, it’s new material that hasn’t been discussed

  19. Someone just posted this already but, I just got either banned or blocked or kicked out of

  20. Stoned swifities sub just banned any gaylor conversation as well so I left. The hatred toward this group is alive and well, folks. So disheartening.

  21. I was GUTTED when I saw this post. I had hoped for better from them

  22. I’ve been banned from there I guess so idk. I’m really bummed because I’m a gaylor but I am first and foremost a stoner lmao

  23. thank you so much :') grabbed some pictures of taylor online and the rest i edited myself

  24. So cool! My favorite is the first one… looks like a picture I’d want to disappear into!

  25. WOW. That is freaking gorgeous! I’m having a hard time figuring out how to fasten mine well, besides just a bunch of knots. Very good craftsmanship!!! :)

  26. I'm getting my kit on monday I'm getting hyped with all the gaylors & stoners 😂

  27. Yay me too!!! It’s hard to stop. I sit down and make a ton, and then I have to take a break because my neck will get stiff! It’s a good hobby.

  28. I started to do this one but I couldn’t decide on colors! Red orange black? Or more like dark blues and blacks and some orange?

  29. Plz link wherever you end up making these!! Would be super interested in purchasing :)

  30. Familiarity breeds contempt, so put me in the basement; is actually DON'T put me in the basement and I had no idea. It made perfect sense to me and I didn't even question it

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