Josh + John.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. Omg is this a pug? I have one and they are SO LOUD! So cute, this is the kind of attendee I want in my classes../

  2. I have two puggles, and I would never get any teaching done due to the snoring. I still wish I could bring them to school, though!

  3. Hanging on the rim like you aren't down 20 with two minutes to go.

  4. I mean I know YouTube has been harder for creators lately, and you gotta test when you grow like they did, but their OG content is even lacking now.

  5. I watched some old breakdowns from a few years ago yesterday and definitely noticed that they were much better when he first started.

  6. I read this to the Miss United States melody from Miss Congeniality.

  7. What actually happened between them? Have they just stopped talking or there is something serious?

  8. John felt resentment over the band continuing with Josh after he left in 2009.

  9. I use an automation in the shortcuts app that automatically plays my favorites playlist on shuffle when it connects to car Bluetooth.

  10. I took the liberty of going back and finding your context for you (conveniently left out of this entire post). Here is the clip in which you commented on the "confirmed tornado" message, see time in bottom left of the screen:

  11. That's the wrong clip. You would know that if you checked that I made this Reddit post before the timestamp in video you shared instead of taking a second shot at me with the "conveniently left out" comment. The relevant incident happens at 14:58:45. I quote:

  12. It isn't the wrong clip for the context of your inclusion of the given chat messages in the original post. Why would you wait for 15 minutes to respond in chat, and then include that chat interaction in this post? That is cherrypicking (picking comments in chat that were made for a different context)—especially given your quote warrants the same exact response as the one I gave with the clip. We relay the meaning of the radar indicated warning, and summarize what it means and what to do as a result. I'm not seeing the issue nor anything past slight ambiguity here.

  13. I gave the clip because that's what inspired my comment. It took me some time to reply because I first double-checked what I heard, then I actually looked for the best way to get ahold of your team quickly and decided the chat was probably the only place given you were all very focused on the stream and the public was watching it and heeding your information.

  14. Do they no longer have the free shuttle? I haven't been able to get back to Cleveland for a game for several years now. Last time I was there I parked near Great Lakes brewing for $5 and took the shuttle for free right to the gate.

  15. Flat Iron cafe on the West Bank of the Flats has one. Plenty of parking there too!

  16. "Math is inconvenient. Could we just do physics without all this inconvenient math and stuff?"

  17. There’s a whole scene in A Serious Man about exactly this, which is actually cover photo of the sub!

  18. I will take Terry Francona to a lovely seafood dinner at Pier W anytime.

  19. They brought officials from the MLB offices to spring training last year to measure heights for anyone that could potentially interact with ABS. For anyone on rehab that wasn’t measured, I’m think they used the listed height which is whatever but I guess pure accuracy for a rehabber getting a few minor league at bats they could care less about wasn’t too important. My guess is they’d measure every single pro baller during spring when it gets fully put in place

  20. Interesting! I wonder if teams will keep over-reporting heights or if they’ll have to be more accurate. Thank you so much!

  21. Given that team’s often exaggerate players’ heights, will MLB have a separate measuring system?

  22. Check out Celton Henderson. He does chase videos with some weather educational material mixed in. His audience is pretty small (5k subscribers) but his content is great so I’m trying to spread the word wherever I can.

  23. I love his breakdowns. The way he narrates the track of the storm as it progresses really puts you in the moment.

  24. My take, if you dont want people to use it, dont put it on the internet. At that point is may as well be public.

  25. That’s not how copyright law or media-sharing ethics work.

  26. Oh my b. How the hell did he get on TV without being an actual meteorologist? Unless it was so long ago they went more for charisma than knowledge

  27. Little late to the party, but Ryan worked in production for an actual on-air meteorologist for about a year, which is probably how he got access to being on camera. He briefly studied broadcast meteorology too, but did not finish his degree.

  28. The couplet on this thing is fucking strange the last couple scans, looks like the rotation is massively broadening but not weakening...with CC still showing debris, I hope it's not wedging out

  29. Velocity has folded over the last few scans. Not good.

  30. They got both! Also, love your username! RHCP is my fav!

  31. That was really poorly handled. If a kid wasn't enrolled in my class, but was reading a book and not being a distraction, I would wait until the end of the class and ask them if they were there because they were interested in the material or some reason related to the class. If they were just there to hang out, I would gently remind them that we have lounge areas and an active class is not an appropriate place to be. If, for whatever reason, the kid showed up again, I would then politely ask them to leave and call security if they refused. Getting into a shouting match and taking cheap shots at them while they leave is bizarre and will never lead to a good result.

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