1. When new sites are published, Google does test out in the SERPs to see if it answers searcher intent. If they receive enough signals that it doesn't, then it will drop.

  2. I would look at the SERPs for the queries you are targeting and see what ranks in the top 3-5 spots. What do those pages look like? Long-form content, video, how-to, etc. That's what Google is expecting to see, so if your site isn't matching that, then you aren't going to rank well.

  3. It's a aquarium shrimp guide, how to take care of that particular type. Every top page is saying the same old stuff

  4. Tell me about it. I love to see big sites that with one obscure sentence are worthy of getting the snippet while I have an entire article that answers the search query and sits in 6th position.

  5. What tool are you using for your keyword research?

  6. Instead search for something like “What colors of [fish] are available”

  7. Would you still suggest firstly making more content regarding that fish, eve though there is little chance for those posts to rank?

  8. Yeah, but I don't want to write about stuff, that is already covered by other blogs. Wouldn't that be a waste of time?

  9. They are taking over my tanks and I do not know what to do with them.

  10. Page clicks refer to the number of times users have clicked on a link or button on your website, while page views refer to the number of times your website's pages have been viewed by users. Both metrics are important for monetizing your website, but they have slightly different roles.

  11. Thanks! Never thought my hosting provider would answer me on Reddit lol

  12. When would you recommend to monetize my blog? At what metric should I pay most attention when thinking about monetisation?

  13. Clicks would be clicks to that URL from a source. Views would be how many times that url has been viewed. People can refresh the page, or if they open in a new tab and forget about it and then come back later could be considered two views.

  14. After blogging since August, I would LOVE 35 visitors a day. Keep blogging.

  15. Where you at right now? I started also in August, and almost reached 400 visitors last month.

  16. Any suggestions for plugins etc.

  17. Optimize images, cache your site, look for other things that affect speed.

  18. Thanks! We have a lot of high quality art in our articles that so I'll give it a shot.

  19. Although images posted in unsplash becomes technically free to use, but you can still try to ask for something in return. As OP said, only 30percent conversion rate in his case.

  20. If I were to offer some money for the backlink do you know what are the standard rates for that?

  21. Really depends on their website. I had instances where giant my niche websites posted my content, because it was actually good (got a backlink from a guest post), I also had smaller websites asking for hundreds. Try asking for prices, negotiating.

  22. I am very happy with iDEAL and I would see a very difficult market for new payment providers.

  23. Same with my company. We can do all of that, and plus some new features we are working on.

  24. Just a little context: my company offers the same open banking solutions as iDEAL does. But reading the comments It seems nobody would trust a business, that has a different logo than iDEAL in their payment section.

  25. Ooh!! That looks like a blue jelly!!

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