1. Wellesley vs UMich vs (???? UChicago). Engineering (but iffy. Still considering other majors, even non-STEM)

  2. I feel ya. People are insane. Sometimes it just feels like I'm just thinking on a total, much slower, wavelength.

  3. yes!!! consider yourself temporarily adopted <333 sending love and the best of decisions your way!!! 💕

  4. And now we have to wait a whole week for the rest of our ivy rejections. Fuck I j wanna know now so I can start making plans

  5. Mid ass school fuck tha Midwest anyways, dumb ass part of the US

  6. Just wanted to pop in and say tysm for the very real (and not joking) and informative responses. Made me (and I’m sure others) feel a tiny bit better

  7. personally, i would try to spend some one on one time with him and let him know that you really enjoy hanging out, if he reciprocates then keep inviting him to do stuff w you. there’s no way for you to know how he feels until you talk ab it. also as someone w anxiety i know how uncontrollable worrying ab the future is, but try to prioritize how you feel NOW, in the moment. my last few months of high school i got into a relationship and starting pushing myself out of my comfort zone and it ended up leading me to some of the best people i’ve met, i also got to leave behind everyone who judged me. just remember you’re leaving that place and people behind and they don’t matter, only you matter.

  8. Awww ok love the sentiment. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I’ve spent most of high school staying at home and being studious so this would be way out of my comfort zone. I’m trying to to get to know more people and hang out more causally so maybe I will ask him just to hang out!

  9. I usually fumble and say weird crazy shit by accident. >.<‘ whoops! Haha

  10. When I was scrolling by i thought this was an actual field where you guys had diy-ed the shipping hubs. Wow! It's amazing!

  11. I have a earless, armless, legless bunny sitting on my shelf for this exact reason

  12. ahahaha me too. using big words but not in coherent thoughts gang

  13. Me on the toilet: 😰 But seriously thanks for the explanation

  14. OMG hey i have a question. so I made almost the exact same heart gloves and I'm having problems with the top part of the single crochet showing where it shouldn't. Did you go through the front loops, the whole v?

  15. LMAO. I got rickrolled earlier today when I was stressing too.

  16. Not necessarily. Some schools like Brown only have ED and RD. Your top choice could be Brown, but maybe you don't want to commit ED. If your second choice is Yale, you might do SCEA to Yale and RD to Brown, even when Brown is your top choice.

  17. I think the thought is that especially at these top feeder schools, you are taking a spot from someone else. Often colleges say they don’t have quotas from the school, but once they hit a certain number of people they want to accept it’s very unlikely they will accept others. Especially when your admissions counselor will help you shape ur story and help reach out to the colleges for you. Because of this policy, many colleges might take an REA from these schools as somewhat of a demonstrated interest- if you get in, they know that most likely you will go.

  18. omg thank you!!! this is actually such a helpful list (prof basket weaving here I come?!?) I am actually considering mechanical engineering right now!

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