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  1. aubrey plaza looks like she would be wild in bed, she reminds me of Cheryl from archer

  2. Tried to find a friend i use to work with but lost touch with.

  3. Terrible, so much response needed. But like everyone says the 25% good you get makes the 75% bad tollerable. They really can be little magicians of love. But also rabid screaming pooping demons.

  4. Chicken parm in a sealed container feom olive garden.

  5. If i come to your house and you got a bird, your trashhhhhh.

  6. Scream whats cash value is your life woth and see what your working with.

  7. Take all the help you can get. Plugs, thrusters, ones u can have in while penetrating. Get some screamin and squirtin

  8. If you have kids, its a pure joy to let them have an imagination that there is magic and good in the world. They have the rest of thier lives to be disapointed. Let em have it.

  9. 100$ with insurance at walgreens. Is that about avg? And can you find coupons anywhere? I checked goodrx and that wasnt helpful. Thanks

  10. Goodrx is usually your best bet. How long does that tube last ? For reference I pay around 40 bucks for 3 months of cypionate and needles. And it works significantly better.

  11. Im about to stand out there with how many people say they give money, 90% are scam homeless people.

  12. Absolutley not, they get thier "check". This is additional income, non taxed. Most are scams and its hard to determine which are which. But overall if you can stand at a stop sign, you can stand at a grill or checkout line. Jobs are available.

  13. If i ever tell someone i know for a fact, and they insist they are correct. The thing is im 100% positive im right or i wouldnt say that. Im ok at not knowing things, sonif i say that im sure.

  14. People were always telling me to watch this show but after reading the summary the shows gives me the creeps but will still watch it

  15. Yea its got comedy aspect as well, its notnjust mindless gore

  16. Kobra kai, and it has no reason to be that good

  17. They have re-released this in both the original Sega graphics and updated graphics on the switch, also wonderboy was released on the switch at the same time.

  18. So far all characters are doing nothing and boring.

  19. All the characters are boring, havnt found one i like yet

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