1. I'm gonna be honest- idk. Once it didn't work I googled it and it said that all auto farms were patched in one of the later updates. I just asked on here for a more reliable opinion.

  2. I am the same age, but unfortunately I am in a different time zone (central us time). If it's not too much trouble I would be willing to adapt lol

  3. Yeah that would be okay! Could you give me your Snapchat? I don’t currently have discord but I could get it.

  4. I’m new to crochet - what type of stitch is this? Also personally I think if you’re doing a border it should be simple rather than lace

  5. I'm not the original poster- but to me it reminds me of some type of moss stitch. Again I could be (most likely am) wrong. I'm not good at telling stitches lol sorry

  6. I made mine for my grandma as an off-on type of project and took me about six months 😭

  7. Ok dm me ur Xbox user or discord (if u have it) and send it to me on there <3 your choice

  8. Is yarn or like embroidery thread better Im so bad at trying to get a solid embroidery on

  9. I prefer using yarn bc I find it to be a bit more pronounced, while on the other hand thread is very thin and can get hidden easily.

  10. I feel the opposite, for some lame reason my sims only die of old age and it's so boring! Like I need some excitement in my life 😭 they should add a setting for how easy it is to die

  11. Probably a female (technically) but most of the time their agender or non binary since I don't identity as anything I like to have trans sims. Idk why but I can't break the habit lol

  12. So I could have just pressed m and I wouldn't have to wait forty minutes for my sim to walk- I'm gonna walk myself out 🤸‍♀️

  13. I'm using Nancy landrgraab for my graphic design class ✨

  14. I've been fine but I also haven't really experienced the bug in the first place

  15. Aww I love cross stitch and Stardew valley this is so cute 🥹 do I have permission to use the pattern (not to sell or anything but for a decoration piece)

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