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Roger Waters is denying China’s genocide on Uyghur Muslims, and blaming everyone but Russia for their invasion of Ukraine. Can we please stop giving this man our money?

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  1. It’s gonna look really bad if you just hack at it with a hammer and chisel. It should be ground off instead

  2. Everytime I’m in a super crowded area(think Disney World) I like to airdrop a super judgmental looking picture of my dog.

  3. Make sure the picture you airdrop doesn’t have a location in the metadata

  4. To remove it, I’m sure you can do that with a third party app or download to a computer and do it there. There is a setting in your phone that will stop your camera from capturing location. However, others have pointed out that apparently when you airdrop pictures the phone asks you if you want to include the location data. Idk, I don’t airdrop pictures

  5. I can’t believe I’m the only one to mention Michael’s audition

  6. Yes!! The opener is my all time favorite, too. The waY Dwight reacts to what is happening is gold. And don't forget the Macy gray song. I love that episode so much.

  7. This sub is the best place to remind yourself that some very ordinary things are indeed interesting.

  8. I think it's still kind of interesting that an animal with overwhelmingly brown tones has a bit of purple in it.

  9. Even worse, look at the babes that George gets

  10. An athlete would’ve taken a step back and still smashed it

  11. They need to stop being cowards and do this over an open flame

  12. Maybe a couple times a week. I made a decision a few years ago to stay away from all political discussion on Reddit for my own mental health. Sometimes I forget that decision until I’m in the middle of the comment. Other times it’s because I realize that what I’ve typed makes it a little too easy to figure out my identity if a close friend saw the comment

  13. Was this a vape that exploded? I remember seeing videos like this awhile back, where people’s vapes were exploding in their pockets. I forget how and why though.

  14. I don't think this question has been answered yet. Yeah, it's "instinct" but how exactly does that work? My go to example is spider webs. Those are deliberately built in a specific way with no instruction from the elders.

  15. A learned behavior means that through some experience your brain is now wired to make you behave in a specific way. For an instinct, your brain naturally develops to be wired to make you behave that way

  16. OP, seriously, just wait until Monday and call in. Chances are they’ll clear it up for you in about 2 minutes. If by some chance you don’t get a satisfactory answer from them on Monday, then start digging in and doing research so that you can fight it

  17. One of the reasons it could be that way is because the contents are contaminated and bacterial growth forced the can out of shape. Don’t take the chance.

  18. Very low chance of this in a coke. That being said, it’s like $.25 for a can of coke. Just throw it away

  19. Very low chance of this in a coke. That being said, it’s like $.25 for a can of coke. Just throw it away

  20. This job is almost as useless as the job of installing turn signals at the BMW factory

  21. Yeah it’s really the only one that would’ve been 100% wrong. Hell, I would even accept Seth as Jim over Seth as Dwight

  22. I’m guessing that the truck was either running ahead or behind schedule really badly. It’s possible they were supposed to have crossed this track an hour or more earlier than they did

  23. Do a quick Google search and you’ll understand. If a train tries to stop and fails it’s much more likely to be derailed

  24. Bought 10x$200 VGC at OD last week. Tried to liquidate at local grocery store where I usually get my $1k MOs with just 2x$500 VGCs. Haven’t had any issues until I came with the $200 VGCs. Cashier got suspicious when I swiped the third VGC and wouldn’t let me complete the transaction. I went to Walmart and bought 2x$500 VGC with my 10x$200 VGC. No issue at self check out and split payment. Didn’t have a better idea on how to liquidate those $200 VGCs. I might have to look into Serve or just stop buying the $200 ones. I had the 10% back at OD OM offer on 5 Chase cards so I wanted to take advantage of that, but might just buy Amazon GCs moving forward.

  25. I always buy $400 MOs and just split the payment once. I’ve only been questioned about it once. The time I split $1000 across 5 cards the rep got really suspicious, a manager was called, and he asked for my ID. I’d rather just avoid suspicion and take it slower

  26. My first reaction is that he’s nowhere near smart enough to make his own crypto. However, he’d probably get someone in Asia to do it for him and screw then over. Maybe a relative of Kelly

  27. Award shows. People used to actually care about who won, now most people I know just watch them to see if anything funny happens.

  28. They used to be about awarding the best artists. Now it’s about the film industry patting themselves on the back and lecturing everyone else on how shitty America is.

  29. PSA: Chase moved the SUB tracker in its app. After selecting the card, you now need to tap “See rewards details & redeem” to see the tracker.

  30. I think Roy did care about Pam, but he took her for granted. However, when he found out about the kiss, it put him in a jealous rage

  31. so... we're all just kittens making biscuits because we weren't fed by our mothers long enough?

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