1. this is actually crazy. I've gone through hundreds of NJOYs because they have stopped working. And all i had to do was simply... beat it

  2. my headcanon is that he did jump into the gate but because russia also had a gate, hopper went from star court gate to russia gate. essentially teleportation

  3. yeah they actually cover all this. the gate 11 opened in the hallway in S1 was 4 years after she sent 001 into the rainbow room gate in S4. in one of the later eps of S4 when 001 is talking to 11 he has a throw away line “this was while 008 was still here”

  4. i called it as soon as he said “you and i aren’t so different” and “we aren’t allowed to talk about 001 anymore”

  5. She kills them at the school at the end of the season. I don't think she kills anyone when she escapes.

  6. i think he means her original escape from the lab when all the boys found her while searching for will.

  7. this is very interesting. i always wondered if the UD like rendered or updated with time and stuff. This season answered that question given it’s stuck on the day Will disappeared. But why? Is it because it’s the first time someone entered the upside down? Or is Will connected deeper than we think?

  8. I smoked street stuff for 2 and a half years before i got a med card. for me the only edibles that get me stoned are high milligram chocolate bars. Buckeye Relief has a 300mg bar that you should look for while on sale because the price is ridiculous. Kiva has nice chocolate bars. And this Keef Lemonade that’s 100mg. Once you’re able to use all the benefits of the medical card, try Klutch and Firelands Luster Pods. They are pricey but for me with a high tolerance i seem to feel the effects more.

  9. it’s part of terry’s (11 mom) LSD trip from the MKUltra experiment

  10. It is a broken system basically the dispensaries yes they're doing everything they can in these hard times but they need to adapt & find a way to have an app or some kind of wait list to be put on like I seen @ some dispensaries where you can sit in the comfort of your car & still have your place in line & then when it's your turn they send you a text for you to return to this dispenser usually have about 10 minute window before you get moved back to the end of the line. It's just frustrating there's more patience than dispensaries. I'm just hoping with this lottery that had just happened with the new dispensaries they don't take long to figure out who's moving into them & they get them up & running within 6 months to a year. I seen on the list there's 3 coming real close to my hometown. I did call the dispensary & mentioned to them I had a pre-order for pickup time from 4:30-5:00 & they still told me I had to wait in line(no mention of masked mandatory in dispensary). Why have me book a time for pick up if I am going to have to stand in line for an hour anyway? I don't mind a small wait because I understand there's few to many dispensaries. Yes I understand we're in a pandemic, yes wear a mask if you can. I have a very hard time wearing a mask or anything on my face, so I don't wear a mask, I don't own a mask so I don't carry a mask on me but I don't go anywhere except to the dispensary most everything else is done curbside or delivered. If they're wanting me to wear a mask in the dispensary then they should have just handed me a mask instead of giving me an attitude & making a scene.

  11. i can tell by reading this you went to herbology. I've been going there for about 7 month now and I've had more bad experiences than good. Had the same deal with the mask. one day the mask is an option and the next it wasn't. I went without one and got screamed at by the rent a cop for asking if they had an extra and proceeded to talk shit when i left. (my roomate was in there) And when people are used to it being an option they don't bring a mask. Instead of yelling at the patients why don't you offer masks because they know this is gonna happen. But instead the security guard decides he'd rather cause a scene.

  12. went there the other day and they are implementing a mask policy with no signs. I had walked in and the security guard yelled at me saying i needed a mask so i go out to my car to realize i left my mask at home so i walk back in and ask if they have any extras and he very aggressively said no. my roommate was in the waiting room and he said they started talking shit about me when i couldn’t have been more calm about the whole thing. not the first issue i’ve had with the staff there. they always seem to hate being there

  13. crazy, i had this EXACT situation there yesterday. waited in line to get in and they kicked me out. couldn't offer a mask and mine was left at work. guy behind the glass wearing a hat was a total asshole about it! no signs on the door, and was just there two days earlier with no requirement

  14. the guy in the hat is the security guard and he’s a dick. i was there two days ago and while the line is almost at the end of the plaza is 20 degree weather and everyone is looking in the room to see if there are less than 4 people so they can walk in, the dude yelled at anyone that opened the door to check

  15. i got my card by telling my doctor i had ptsd from being in the metal hospital

  16. My Babysitters a Vampire. On Disney ran from 2011-2013, 2 seasons and the last scene was an explosion. headcanon everyone died

  17. No, no you dont get it. Its not about the character. Its about Grammy nominee Don Cheadle. If he can secure a Grammy nomination from one scene alone he will use the rest of his power to keep the iron patriot name.

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