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  1. That’s why I’m asking what to do, I can’t handle going through that again.

  2. Just say, 'Look, I know you have to do this but I don't like it. I want to look around on my own.' You don't need to be politer than that. If she persists, say you're leaving because you feel harassed and will send an email to the shop manager protesting their policy.

  3. Precisely the point, where does this EMPATHY come from or what is it? Can you study it under a microscope . Under no god belief, we are simply a collection of carbon atoms and chemicals driven to survive just like any other species, good or bad has no rational basis for us . If one find your girlfriend attractive and wants her then as long as he is stronger then you, so be it..empathy and mercy are only there in cases of gene pool expansion, a mother has empathy only towards her own infants but to be kind to others simply goes against survival of the fittest animalistic reality, we need to ask this and explain , simply brushing this aside is just running away from debate

  4. I don't know about Japan, but next door in Korea toilet paper is a common housewarming gift (I don't remember why). Might be related to that if OP just moved in, neighbour may be offering housewarming gift toilet paper.

  5. Sounds like a very common sense gift. New or recently vacated flats don't always have toilet paper in the holders. Depends on the last tenant/cleaning crew.

  6. Exactly. It's easy to come up with a dozen reasons off ther top of one's head why someone would do that.

  7. It's interesting how when the government suggested something like this with their 'Vaccine Passports' , the tone on here was very much 'So what ? Nothing to hide nothing to fear. It's worth it if it keeps us safe' . It's good to see people on here regaining a healthy suspicion of government and authoritarianism.

  8. They also work well with drainage streams and water reservoirs to minimize evaporation. And let's not forget about buildings, which are already taking up space and all of which have roofs.

  9. This lady is throwing out whatever she thinks will appeal to the average white, geriatric, wealthy Tory voter that doesn't want their precious views polluted with wind turbines and solar panels, and has plenty of money to pay increased fuel bills, and couldn't give a rat's arse about global warming because they'll be dead anyway.

  10. Never even knew this was a thing but it looks like the waves are coming in perpendicular to previous waves that created those sand dune thingies. The current waves are being broken up by the sand dunes (no idea what those are actually called) creating the shapes we see. Just a guess but hopefully I’m right lol.

  11. I think it's a wind-driven swell with a very short period (distance between the crests of the swells) with a tidal bore coming in on top of it.

  12. I have seen similar waves on a coast that have a pattern like a teeth row. You can see it here in this list of

  13. None of the photographers of those images are credited, and nor is the artist Andy Goldsworthy - who created the glowing halo around the tree stem and took that photo. I really do wish people wouldn't recommend posters who do this.

  14. Eh, not fully. I assume they allow a suitcase as hand luggage, which the budget airlines sure as hell don't unless you pay extra. Tbh this model makes sense. If you're going somewhere for like a week or less (depending on what exactly you're planning to do) a lot of people can get away with hand luggage.

  15. I've travelled for a month with hand luggage. It was to a warm, civilised country, but I've learned to pack so that everything goes with everything, and can be up-accessoried (if that's what it's called) if necessary. Toiletries, extra clothes if needed, that kind of stuff can all be bought on arrival.

  16. Breakfast, at the very least. Maybe a small ecosystem.

  17. You never know when you might feel a bit peckish.

  18. False information, unfortunately.

  19. Oh, I like the Science fish! Not seen that before. Also the license plate.

  20. Greene potentially offers the one attribute trump cares about. Loyalty.

  21. Sorry I don’t feel bad at all. If you live in a the center of a major city you deal with visitors and may need to talk to strangers!. Just like if you live in the Carpathian Mountains and there is a bear in your driveway, you just have to accept it.

  22. Just don’t answer the door?

  23. You must be a real joy to live next to.

  24. Basically this is a policy fail - they are replacing existing low spec onshore wind in order to get around the government's nimby-pleasing new turbine ban.

  25. Good way of doing it, though. Also, fuck those nimbys.

  26. The media needs to be broken up into smaller more independent outlets.

  27. His argument - and I can’t believe he’s making this with a straight face - is that it’s all France’s fault for insisting on checking drivers entering France.

  28. He must know he's flat-out lying, surely? France is required to check non-EU drivers entering France.

  29. I don't think he was the first or be the last to do this. Based on my own professional experiences suregons do attract a higher than average number of narcissists.

  30. You sound like you might know the answer to the first question that came to my mind: was he working all by himself? Because otherwise there must have been assistants or nurses or whatever that saw him do the branding?

  31. Honey, it never is 'always' like that. It's how control freaks and abusers end up controlling their partners. You'll end up clinging to 'the good times' in your memory even as they get less and less frequent. Your guy isn't necessarily a control freak or even an abuser, but he's sure waving some big red flags. Think about it: you've told him you're in pain, and he's walked off to fuck someone else. Evey marriage has some rough periods, but this is another kind of rough - it's abusive.

  32. I'd say nothing, and quietly begin making plans to divorce him. No one who genuinely loves another person treats them like that.

  33. Not what he said at all. Did you actually listen to the interview?

  34. Exactly. Very misleading title. He's calling for non-aligned, non-partisan countries to try and broker peace. All he said, is that sending arms to Ukraine won't bring peace. That's objectively true, though maybe a bit naif in the context of Putin being an uncontrollable rabid dog that needs putting down ASAP.

  35. I can’t write cursive, but I can print pretty damn fast, and it’s even legible.

  36. I can't use them either - not flexible enough. Which is why text messages and emails on my mobile are very short! Luckily, I learned cursive so can write quickly. Oddly, what I miss most is that each person used to have distinctive handwriting when everyone wrote in cursive. That unique individual quality has been lost. I still have some of my mother's recipes written by hand, and I treasure them as much for the handwriting as for the recipes themselves.

  37. True! There's little opportunity to sign anything anymore, and trying to sign on a slithery screen with a stylus just doesn't do it. I actually had to practice my signature the other day before signing an e-document, because my muscle memory for that rather complicated single line was fading.

  38. If the all-powerful gods could read this right now, they'd be incredibly upset.

  39. TIL all-powerful gods can't read. That explains a lot.

  40. The catholics are kicking themselves for not thinking of this. Lol.

  41. I watched a Technology connections about why Americans don't have an electric kettle, ended up being because it isn't that efficient on their power system of 120v.


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