Made my friend’s wedding gown and finally got pictures back 🥰

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Iranian Morality Police (Basiji) Commander beaten bloody can barely stand. (Please support Iranians - Meta is blocking Iranian protest content.)

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A gay football fan’s message to Qatar in front of the Qatar Ambassador

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  1. No one is entitled to anyones feiendship, relationship etc. If he’s her friend he’d see the friendship is more important than his erection. He should keep her as a friend, treat her like a sister and find a lay elsewhere. It sounds like she likely does not feel same. So the prick bust drops her as a friend. That’s unacceptable amd previsely what we are complaining about. If we’re friends it’s creepy and weird to hit on me . If I point this out and am willing to look past the eeeeeww feelings for a moment and forgive- you’d better stick around or yoir a pos who’s a fake friend.

  2. God, what is wrong with you? Why do you think guys just want sex and can’t have actual feelings?

  3. Been my experience. I’m Sure not all of them. Never said no one has feelings. I’m wondering what’s wrong that you can’t empathize with all guy friends who I’ve lost bc of being creepy .

  4. I do sympathize with that a lot. No one wants a creepy come on, much less from a friend. But you were responding to a guy who was talking about having real feelings for a friend

  5. There is no movement, and no one is running anything. If this sub is any indication, nothing good will ever happen for mens rights

  6. The point of push-ups is to ensure physical fitness. A fit old person can do less push-ups than a fit young person. A fit man can do more push-ups than a fit woman. All can be at their peak level of fitness, but they will be able to do different amounts of push-ups. It’s not designed to test strength because obviously people have different body weights.

  7. If he’s doing work for you, he needs to get back to you. Lawyers owe you a duty of care. Send him a certified letter asking him to contact you or you will be forced to contact the state bar for help

  8. you cut off a lions balls to see what an extincrt animal looks like?

  9. Neutered males tend to grow larger because it delays the growth plate closing. This is true for dogs too

  10. Having to wear a hot suit in the summer heat for work or other business dress occasions. It’s not as common these days, but as a lawyer, it can really suck sometimes. Even when you’re dressed down, it’s still pants, long socks, and long sleeves.

  11. Years of social isolation and no friends. You're 30 and you have no social support system, and no social skills. No interesting stories to tell people about your interesting life experiences. Nothing. You're all alone. And everyone knows that making friends as an adult is already hard enough.

  12. I feel bad for them, but what to do? People can’t help that they don’t like you, and you can’t force people to like someone they don’t. Some people have always been destined to lose. We can’t just change them into winners.

  13. I bite the bullet and transitioned and am now detransitioning. I’d advise you to read some detransitioning stories and find out how they came to terms with their dysphoria. Dysphoria is real, but transitioning isn’t always the right way to deal with it. Being trans is a lonely life where you’ll always feel like an outsider in society. Best of luck on your journey. If you want to talk send me a message :)

  14. It’s not always a lonely life where you’ll always feel like an outsider. Plenty of people pass and live full lives assimilated into society.

  15. Life is full of risks. Accept it or don’t, that’s your call.

  16. I have never seen it, but I'm not around many young people anymore. It's hard for me to imagine how so many could need a cane. It's a pretty bad situation for a young person to need a cane. Hell, I just started walking after a skydiving accident that severely broke several bones in my leg and ankle, and even I don't need a cane. It seems statistically improbable unless for some reason your wife is seeing a particular group of people who specifically became friends because of their queerness and disabilities.

  17. TBH I don't NEED a cane but I do have one and use it on days where it's more comfortable to use it. Do I physically need it to support myself? Nah. But it's nice walking around with less pain 😂

  18. Yeah, I get that. I have a pain issue where I don’t really feel it unless it’s intense, so I’ve been walking around without even using my brace. I definitely don’t want anyone to think I’m saying no young person should use a cane, just that it’s normally a major problem that the person is having and not something where you should see a high percentage of people needing one.

  19. I’m going to ignore the question for a second and admit that I scoped your profile. I’m always curious if people are as ugly as they think they are. Conclusion: you aren’t. Seriously dude, you look just fine! Maybe a better haircut and work on the facial hair. And for what it’s worth, I’m shorter than you and still have a girlfriend and have dated other girls. You are not an unattractive guy my man.

  20. This is going to sound a bit weird, and it's hard to explain, but basically it goes like this.

  21. As someone who recently fell from the equivalent of that height, you got damn lucky. I’m jealous haha

  22. It was a skydiving landing. I had a fuck up about 20 feet off the ground and hit the ground pretty hard. The broken bones in my leg and ankle are nothing, but I contracted some kind of intestinal infection that I've been fighting for months now.

  23. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I have questions regarding the trans community and conscription in Canada, and for the US for that matter.

  24. I believe they changed it since I was in college, but I’m a trans man, and when I transitioned, I was forced to sign up for selective service or they were going to take my scholarships away.

  25. You don’t pass. Once you do, you’ll have normal relationships with guys.

  26. And then white people .. lack of hygiene and a need to be violent for the smallest thing. I’ve NEVER seen another race jump out of their lifted truck to fight someone for not letting them cut them off in traffic

  27. Plenty of cultures think we’re dirty, and I’m fine with that. Bidet users know they’re cleaner than us. But we can’t be compared to India when it comes to hygiene lol

  28. Out of curiosity, if you had been selling this commission instead of doing it for a friend, what price range would you have selected?

  29. You guys have to stop getting mad at women trying to make things better for women. This was started by a female prison philanthropist. If we want programs and help for men, we have to start them the same way that women do.

  30. How? By instituting sexism in our approach? How come that argument only works one way?

  31. If you want to help men in prison, then start volunteering and putting up money and stop bitching about women helping women. No one is entitled to charity work.

  32. Even if its a wall of text, there are very interesting points, specifically the relationship between feminists and transgender men, as two faces of the same coin that is total sexual inversion and hatred of their respective inverse sex orientations: Feminists hate and copy heterosexual men, and Trans men hate and copy heterosexual women.

  33. That’s completely wrong. A transgender man transitions to be a man. You’re looking for the word transgender woman. Nor do they seem to hate cisgender women.

  34. Only morons don’t care about the actual meaning of the language they use.

  35. I mean, if I were building an army, I would want soldiers who were not fully developed mentally or emotionally for the sake of training and brainwashing. So yeah, pretty sure it’s intentional.

  36. I'm a bit confused about your second sentence. The standard is between 21 to 24 weeks for an abortion. If the woman can notify him at any time, couldn't she just notify him past that point and force him into financial support, or would the 21 to 24 week counter start at that point?

  37. Let’s say she learns she is pregnant at six weeks (average is 5.5) and is in a state with a 24 week limit. That gives her 18 weeks to decide. From the date the father is notified, he will have 18 weeks to decide regarding financial abortion.

  38. To clarify…. If she learns she’s pregnant at six weeks, and the limit is 24, the father would be notified also at 6 weeks and thus would also have till 24 weeks to decide? Because if he’s notified at say 12 weeks, he still only has till 24 weeks to decide because she should still be able to access an abortion?

  39. No, you’re misunderstanding. Calculate the number of weeks between learning of pregnancy and the abortion limit. However many weeks she had to decide is how long he gets to decide. If he’s informed when the kid is two years old, he still gets that many weeks to decide.

  40. The guy from quora is innocent and won't be guilty if his ex commits suicide. But op's friend case is brutal. Yes those reasons I numbered are good enough indicators of incompatibility. And if she is not into him why agreeing to start relationship in the first place? Fucking retarded bitch! His friend was clingy so what? Clingy is super cute and she is fucking guilty and immoral for causing this trauma! So in the scenario where he commits suicide, it's on the bitch and she will be an indirect murderer! She must face punishment, she earned enough reasons to. I am ashamed that I am same gender with that fucking freak.

  41. You just have a submission kink. Stop using this sub to get off

  42. Well just stop. We don’t need this kind of support. Your comments are unhinged.

  43. I mean, it's legal advice. I doubt many posters get much empathy or sympathy there. Looking at other posts and remembering past ones I've read, that just isn't something you get in that sub. They are responding like lawyers, who aren't normally a source of comfort or empathy. On the plus side, he surprisingly got some decent advice there regarding the GAL.

  44. They seem to call him a deadbeat too many times for it to qualify as legal advice. If it's legal advice the language should be neutral.

  45. I’m not seeing any comments calling him a deadbeat, but I mostly just scrolled through the top handful of comments

  46. The issue for woman in Iran is kind of an easy one in terms of getting support. The problem and solution are relatively simple- stop making women wear headscarves. People in the west find it easy to rally behind because we value freedom and not being killed over clothing. They have the perfect victim to rally around- one pretty, young woman with a sad family behind her. They have the perfect villain- morality police and religious theocracy. This framework is fairly common for these types of protests. If men want to experience the same, we need to understand and use this framework: find one good victim, bring out their family, frame the perpetrator as the perfect villain, appeal to the values of the population, and frame the problem and solution as simple. Conscription is abstract. People don't feel sympathy for nameless victims. They don't see the family weep. The victim/villain balance is off: for Russian, Putin is clearly a villain, but Russians don't make a great victim right now. Ukrainians make excellent victims, but it's hard to see Zelensky as a villain given the circumstances. The problem and solution are complex as long as war exists. Someone will be forced to fight if the country is to survive. Should it be women and men forced to fight? Should we allow everyone to flee? It doesn't actually have an easy answer. The nature of war is that as long as it exists, there will be no easy answer. Wide-spread protest can happen, but it's unlikely to happen by accident, such as with the Iranian protests. It will require intention to set up the right framework to spark outrage and protest. We can't wait around for this framework to set itself up because it just isn't going to happen.

  47. We still need to do something about this though. I don't like to just sit around knowing I can't do anything to stop it or even bring attention to it. George Floyd got a lot of attention but that was mostly because he was black and people still ignored how police brutality affects men more, especially men of colour.

  48. I totally agree. I'm just pointing out what the challenges are and what needs to happen for a successful protest to take place. The George Floyd matter follows a very similar framework in terms of victim vs. villain, framed as a simple problem with a relatively simple solution, appeal to population values, ect. Most major protests do follow this framework or a very similar one. It really works.

  49. Unfortunately, Russians are not in a position to refuse to fight at this point. They can fight in Ukraine or they can take a stand and fight they're government, but the world has enough to deal with when it comes to Ukrainian refugees and other effects of the war. This is their country instigating all of this, and it is their responsibility to stop it.

  50. lmao at athiest and christian westerners trying to virtue signal about how an islamic country should be run, its their country/ religion.

  51. Everyone should always stand against violations of human rights, and Islamic countries do a whole lot of that

  52. This is why the rest of the world should cut off the Middle East. Complete sanctions, travel bans, and no participation in international sports.

  53. You obey and respect or don't go to Qatar period

  54. Good. Let’s cut Qatar off from everything and have nothing to do with them then.

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