Alex Jones is in trouble

When laughter meets percussion

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  1. In the Braves defense, it’s hard to hit Jakes slider when your eyes are full of tears from crying over the strike zone.

  2. Braves can’t get luck hits because they can’t touch Jakes slider

  3. The inspiration for The Bro or The Mansier

  4. Did your payment go up by the fee amount? If not and they are taking a new fee out of your original P&I payment, the mortgage would not be amortizing down to zero: you will have a lump payoff amount at maturity. I don’t think they can do this.

  5. Do you still have the cases and liners? If you do, each one is worth some $$$$$

  6. FWIW, they likely don’t even own the actual mortgage, just the servicing rights. They collect your payments and remit them to the actual mortgagor (likely Fannie or Freddie) who in turn likely sold your mortgage bundled with 1000s of others to private investors.

  7. Well, at least they still have the Ads in the Ads Free service.

  8. Wait, is this the Breakup Interview? That makes me want to hurl.

  9. Socks are ok….but his sneakers look pretty small.

  10. How many cars can you fit in front of their house? Please let me know.

  11. Rum ham and don’t walk under the boardwalk

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