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  1. Hahaha I love it. I always wanted to see a Twin Peaks - Doctor Who crossover. Jacoby could easily have been a Time Lord, maybe even The Doctor themself.

  2. just when i thought i could finally play a Souls-like game without a cancerous area dathomir comes and steps on my balls

  3. I must be one of a very small group that loved Dathomir, I thought the place was wildly beautiful. I feel like I took the most photos here throughout my playthrough so far hahaha it even had dragon-bat! And witches, zombie-witches, a cult, weird fungus,

  4. Hahaha, yeah, I tagged it as spoiler just in case. I JUST stumbled into them again and I really dig that they threw that in there. Definitely gave me a 1984 vibe.

  5. Pew-pew! πŸ’€πŸ–€πŸ€–

  6. Damn, you make a twenty key macropad with a stick like this (guess it doesn't matter what side the stick is on, could always rotate the pad) and I'm totally in.

  7. This is so hecking dope, dude! Very nice work here. Looking forward to following the project. Cheers!

  8. Hahaha daaang. I'm getting serious 40s vibes but it's over 9000!

  9. Man, I'm really loving this. I loved tzarc's ghoul a lot and red is my favorite color hahaha cheers!

  10. Man I haven't much experience with choc switches but this looks sooo clean, dude. I love it. Very nice work!

  11. I'll upvote a second time for you ;)

  12. She must looove Studio Ghibli films.

  13. Totally in for marz because black and red is bae. Hail Satan full of grace! πŸ–€πŸ’€β™₯️

  14. Can I ask, as someone who has never used a split / ergo keyboard I really can’t see the appeal, does it really help typing (I know asking that in this sub might seem dumb but I’m really curious) and not trying to start any arguments. I’m actually more curious myself to try one but they seem so pricy

  15. Well I can't really speak for ergo style but I do like dividing my ortho with a cluster in the middle so that the alpha keys are further apart. Having your arms spread out more even with your shoulders can be quite beneficial to your posture. It all kind of depends on you personally, what YOU like, what's best for YOUR body. Just like there isn't one pair of underwear that fits every single person universally, so too is there no one keyboard for everyone. Personally I love ortholinear key layout (ortho good) just as some prefer staggered (stagger bad) but in all seriousness all key layouts are valid and as long as you love yours and it is comfortable to type on, there's nothing to worry about. But if you're not happy with it, there is a pretty big world full of possibilities. And if I'm honest, I think it's my favorite hobby community. After all, if you're going to have to spend countless hours with a tool, don't you want it to be the right tool for the job? Hopefully that helps answer your question and I hope you find the keyboard that screams out at you like I did. Cheers!

  16. Thank you very much for your input and taking the time to answer that for me, appreciated. Yeah I gotta just try more and see what I like I only just got a 75% from a 65% form and I love it so much more already :)

  17. This is a pretty solid idea. Are they for 5x7" photos?

  18. Absolutely love it. Take all of the awards. πŸ–€

  19. This looks so weird to me, what typing speed do you get on this kind of board?

  20. Never ran a typing test but I'd moved from a Preonic to this. Preonic was my first kb build so that took me a minute to get used to ortho and then from that to this it took me a minute to get used to the movement of mods back to the side instead of in the center (put mods in center of Preonic for fun) but yeah, I'm back to normal typing speeds. This has been my daily since just after quarantine was lifted I think. I love it. Only reason I'm done with it is I'm in the middle of a hubris-minibaen restoration build. Cleaned up the pcb and fixed some broken traces. Just waiting for red C3 Equalz stabs to match my borsas and I'll be ready to finish.

  21. And R1 in the bottom row? Must be painful

  22. For me it's actually pretty great. I use shortcuts in photoshop and illustrator a lot so my fingers usually rest down there while I'm working. And then while typing I really don't notice it, usually palm ctrl anyway.

  23. Keyboard is a xd75re in 5 Degree case with Box Heavy Yellows. DSA Race 3 keycaps + XDA blanks.

  24. My current daily is the black version of that case with the XD75RE hahaha thanks for sharing your pos method, I really dig this. Cheers!

  25. me too! even 4 years later - except with a thiccer case haha great comfy layout especially if you do a numpad in the middle. I also abandoned colemak due to keyboard shortcuts being all over the place. let's see your build when you finish it.

  26. Hell yeah, I did the cluster in the middle of mine too, it's been finished for about a year or so now, whenever quarantine was lifted. I'm in the middle of building a hubris/minibaen at the moment. I had to do a bit of restorative work on the PCB and fix some pads and traces that were broken but it's all set now, just waiting for some red C3 Equalz stabs to get here and everything will be ready.

  27. Love the heck out of these. πŸ–€

  28. Little late to this but I really dig what you did here, always been fond of pos caps. I used 2u pos caps for my XD75re and it offers the perfect contrast to my other keys to always know right where they are. Really nice looking build. Cheers!

  29. Just look up all the various ways people have built the XD75RE (or whatever the latest version of that board design is.) People put the numpad all diff kinds of places, or they dont use a numpad at all. It's really up to the user. Do what works for you.

  30. Can vouch hahaha (middle cluster myself) the XD75re was a really fun project and a great looking kb.

  31. Anyone know if 'Origins of Fantasy and Its Place in the World Matrix: Jungian Perspectives' is based in a real book? I've tried searching around about it but didn't find much.

  32. Zhll says:

    My case is actually on my left, so I am not going to see the display at all. I will move it to the right side eventually.

  33. In the same boat. I wish more companies would design cases with windows on the opposite side. This case is unique in that you could just turn it so the back is facing the left and the side is facing front but then it takes up a lot more desk space hahaha win some lose some I guess.

  34. Duuude... this is absolutely mental! So much resin writing, I'm almost speechless. You probably could have charged a solid bill and honestly they would still be a steal. Amazing work! I followed you on Instagram, those skeletal hand caps are so dope. Hope to see some more black and red in your catalogue. Cheers! πŸ’€πŸ–€πŸ€–

  35. Yo! Thank you for the the award and appreciating the work I put into it 🌹. Grateful for the follow and compliments! Black and red sound like a good combination πŸ‘€

  36. Hey, I'm just happy I caught it on the zbutt server and I'm really stoked to see where your talent leads you. πŸ–€

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