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  • By - 1q8b

  1. We can’t see it in this photo, but I’m certain it’s your personality

  2. I hope in his first game back he gets his nutsack sacked off leading to a loss of all testosterone and therefore his ability to play football ever again. That would be true justice.

  3. That or i didn’t know i had to do 5 so I just gave up. I never actually attempted the 4th rep. I am honestly overwhelmed at 531. I bought the first edition and found the simplicity amazing. I couldn’t even finish reading Starting Strength or Texas method, felt like i was back in University reading the most boring books. Now i find out 1+ means 5 lol. And there are things like 5 pros, joker, fsl, ssl, et etc etc

  4. I wouldn’t sweat it man, if you’re lifting you’re doing good. Better than 99% of the population

  5. Where did you get that idea? Democrats are the majority. Republicans are ruling as a minority.

  6. What do you think the difference in our record would be with Baker under center instead of Sam?

  7. We make the playoffs with Sam or Baker as long as CMC stays healthy

  8. So Aaron Rodgers can lie about being vaccinated to the American public and continue as if nothing happened.

  9. I’m not sure how not disclosing personal information and degrading an entire gender is in the same realm.

  10. The birds dinner must be a painful experience for you

  11. Why does it appear you are holding back the uncomfort of a butt plug in your keister?

  12. By all accounts he's pretty introverted. I'd be skeptical if he was sleeping around but who knows.

  13. That’s what alcohol is for…all us introverts know that

  14. Naw Deebo and Jimmy to Carolina for #6 and CMC. Thanks Carolina.

  15. A healthy CMC is greater than Deebo and no way is Jimmy is worth the #6. I would cry if this happened

  16. There's a reason why wrs make more money than rbs. Deebo is way more valuable than cmc.

  17. Normally I’d agree with you, but CMC is our best RB and WR…when healthy

  18. There are road signs on the highways in Pennsylvania that say “buckle up next 1 million miles”. I was on a road trip with an ex girlfriend, and she said completely seriously, “is that to like California?”

  19. Wait a minute… there’s such thing as left socks and right socks?

  20. My mom bought me a set of socks that are marked “L” and “R” one year for Christmas. Talk about frustrating when I can now only ever find the ones marked “R”

  21. They probably use contact tracing tools like Spokeo / Intelius / BeenVerified etc.

  22. Goes to show that no matter what side of the isle, the politicians don’t truly care about all people

  23. Manual transmissions are basically anti-theft devices these days.

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