1. The effects of these kids missing an entire year and a half of actual schooling is going to have far more severe consequences than covid would have had they just gone back full time in Aug/Sept

  2. this is absolutely untrue, if we did not address covid then we would be in the situation many other countries are in where it is uncontrolled

  3. Idk meds saved my life and allowed me to function in university

  4. Idk but just from personal experience it was necessary for me, and for others in my family. Others online have said they don’t like it

  5. Yes but I use my phone for good things as wel as time wasters (which I do trust me). One of them is a mood tracking app. I have added other activities such as self care goals, drinking water.. anyway I like getting points and high scores so sometimes I look at my day and see I can do something easy to check it off the list I also have mindfulness podcasts on my phone A lot of my time is just mindless surfing but it’s usually because I am so stressed that it is the only escape.

  6. I've never changed a med because of cognitive impairment, but I have had medications that caused some cognitive impairment stopped, and the relief from it was welcome. The two that stand out are Lithium and Lamictal. Actually, I do still take a small dose of Lamictal with other bipolar meds, but the small dose no longer causes cognitive impairment. Only higher doses. My past Lithium was stopped because of kidney damage, but when finally off of it, the clearing of brain fog was quite pleasant.

  7. Can you tell me how you felt in lamictal because I felt very wel when I started it but now a couple months later I am having a very hard time doing work that I used to be able to do, concentration related problems mostly

  8. I’m not sure therapists can diagnose you with that? Do you mean your psychiatrist ?

  9. Yes it’s a good idea but it also can be very nice to have emotional support. My only advice is that if you do date, take it slow. You may have problems with codependency as it is very common in narc families (at least in mine). This causes super fast attachment. So maybe just keep that in mind and rember do not make dating take the majority of your time, you can spend a couple nights a week with friends or dates but spending 3 hours on tinder a day, not healthy probably

  10. My parents cleaned my room a few times. I felt it was such an invasion of privacy. They did it when I wasn’t there because I told them not to do it before. :(

  11. I’m forever losing stuff that I hid!

  12. I only realized it was a trauma response when I got my own place and started doing it, then wondering why, then later I started learning that my childhood was actually abusive and put the pieces together

  13. It really depends what your contact with her is currently

  14. My elder brother went to alanon and it was very helpful for him (like the third time he tried it though, after relapses). He in no way believes it replaces therapy, in fact he thinks everyone damaged or not can benefit from therapy, especially people with addictions or family problems

  15. I know you want to fast, I’ve had problems with binge eating for a long time, especially in periods of high stress, then I feel a lot of self hate and physically ill and bloated. It’s really tempting to try to fast the next day. But that is going to keep the cycle of binging going. I don’t like eating in the morning very much. But I’ve noticed that if I don’t eat all day then I am more likely to binge at night (typically when I have the least control and when most of my binges happen)

  16. At this point I can’t handle having food on hand and only eating one portion of it a day.

  17. That sounds really hard. I hope you feel better or at least few our support

  18. Can't be worse than where they came from

  19. It can be a new kind of nightmare, there’s evidence of sexual m abuse etc

  20. There is nothing worse than the little voice that tells you you’re just like your mother..... I hear it all the time and it’s one of my biggest fears.

  21. My shitty narc Parent has bipolar, it was definitely one of his main problems, but the only thing I hold against him is that he refused many times to seek treatment. Two of his children have bipolar and they have sought help and are nothing like him

  22. Sometimes I feel this yes, but I am paying her to do a job and sometimes it may be frustrating for her to deal with me, but she is a professional (I hope) and maybe that’s why therapy is so expensive lol

  23. Why the fuck would he be talking to you about his ex’s assault and even more wtf is him adding so much detail

  24. I just find it odd that you would be on Lamictal AND Prozac. I can't speak on your diagnosis or issue but that seems an odd combo.

  25. If they take away from doing my essential tasks, then I need to put a check to them. Sometimes I will stop doing something that is necessary and start to do something else that sounds amazing and urgent... well no, I tell myself that I can do that after I finish what I need to do (work, a meal, hygiene). If I have free time then I can do it. I almost never do it if I get over that first impulse. Sometimes I buy shit or give in to the impulse but I use a mood and health tracking app to make sure I drink water and eat regular meals, so I can’t do anything for too long before I look at my app and then see I am not doing any of my necessary activities that I’ve chosen (small self care morning and evening, meals, water, breathing exercises 1x a day, etc)

  26. I don’t want to shower when I’m feelings bad. But then I get in the shower and I don’t want to get out.

  27. Packing is one of the most emotionally hard things I’ve had to do, you have to be reminded by old memories and then basically evaluate them to see if you want to keep stuff. I’ve cried while going thru boxes

  28. Dude I just went and checked your post and YOU STARTED IT. You did gatekeeping first and you are seriously posting this? Here is your original comment:

  29. If I'm not 'insane' and DONT do bad things, than why do others get to do bad things and blame being insane when I have the exact same thing they have.

  30. It seems like you might be in a bad place right now, I hope you feel better soon.

  31. She has no right to your single serving of take out food, wtf.

  32. I’m sorry. Take care of yourself first because you can drown while trying to save someone.

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