1. If the pin isn't getting enough contact, have you tried shaving the rubber area down on the receiving rubber connector so that the pin can get better contact to the female pins?

  2. the teverun fighter is like $1880 off of sunnytimes on alibaba. where are you getting $1500 more?

  3. 275lb weight capacity doesn't mean you should be riding a small scooter with that much weight on it. it's aimed towards lighter riders, highschool and college kids. the batteries they use are absolute garbage.

  4. The Blackhawk pros batteries are bottom grade. I own one as well and mine stops charging at 3 bars which is really frustrating. Mine died on me 7 miles in instead of my usual 12 mile range. Maybe I should try reaching out to them as well. Did you have a warranty with them?

  5. I reached out a month after I bought it. I've just been dealing with this for a year now just to get a replacement battery. Wondering if I should just take a replacement and just sell it to use towards another brand. If either can be modified to at least go 20 MPH I'd keep it.

  6. i'd take the replacement route and sell it on craigslist

  7. if they didn't cover on meta before close yesterday, they would have been so screwed today.

  8. Top prosecutor needs to stay away from open windows in the future

  9. Oh I would get extremely fat living here. I can’t resist Costco pizza.

  10. I dislike costcos pizza. It’s too oily and my skin doesn’t process their oils from some reason


  12. Wow that property would fetch that price if it was on beach. True regards trying to command that much in asking price.

  13. I'll offer you 150k right now. Offer expires at 2:30 eastern.

  14. Not a bad price if he actually follows through with accepting your offer.

  15. I am so glad that DTLA has "stuff" in it now. I remember only 10 years ago, it felt like Resident Evil.

  16. I work early mornings and took a picture almost identical to yours this morning, for a second I thought it was my picture lol. Nice picture!

  17. iphones are pretty decent though I wish they had more manual control options.

  18. we haven't seen many strategic attacks recently, ie not since Mari'inka and a few days later tokmak. it's been mostly positional updates for a few weeks.

  19. I doubt that you'll see any more strategic plans until the heavy tanks arrive to Ukraine and then get transported to the front lines. You still have to set up supply lines for said tanks which include a network of fuel transport vehicles. You can't simply pull those out of thin air.

  20. wishful thinking for sure. the bradleys were just shown to be transported and prepped stateside. Logistics takes time especially on how far away Ukraine is from the east coast of the United States.

  21. i wouldn't underestimate north korea's conventional forces. They may be primitive compared to modern artillery, but you don't really need advanced weaponry if your objective is to just spam artillery for a short distance into south korea.

  22. instead of your bill being $420, it will now be $350. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. Dad bought a bunch after Covid smacked it down into the low $30s. Told him he’s an idiot for that, no one’s buying it, they’ll cut the divy, shoulda bought stock in tech companies not oil etc etc.

  24. your papa needs to bend you over the knee and remind you who is the man of the household instead of working behind a wendys dumpster.

  25. tesla, snap, and peleton.. =/ haven't dollar cost averaged either. f me

  26. Ah, that's because my refund is 237. My total amount owed is over 1000 for two violations.

  27. Did you go to court on the ticket or was this just something that was on your record that you completely ignored?

  28. Never acknowledged the tickets in any way.

  29. damn dunno when the rules changed on collecting on tickets like these. have you tried contacting the collection agency and arguing that it was a red light ticket? that sucks

  30. correct. you can weld a scooter but you should definitely remove the battery before you do it. the metal gets really hot when you weld and you could damage the battery pack/start a fire if you don't remove it.

  31. it's a fair question. you might want to contact the cruise ship company directly and write down a representative's name if you have issues with trying to bring a electric scooter on board.

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