1. I’d disagree with you. I’m a girl and I’ve talked to guys on dating apps. I have encountered some of the issues that you listed, but I have also seen enough guys that are good at conversations. and I have also seen girls that are bad at conversations. you might have a biased sample. we will never be able to say which gender is better at conversations because I guess different people talk differently and seek different things in an interesting conversation.

  2. "Hey, can i get the music changed too if i behave like a toddler?"

  3. Talking to women without being an asshole. Imagine being gay because I don't stoop to their level.

  4. I don’t think anything bad about them. everyone can change their life plans and that’s ok. they are not the problem why everyone doesn’t take us seriously; the problem are the people that cannot respect the choice of others, never mind what that choice is.

  5. some people are surprisingly stupid when it comes to relationships. there are many girls who think they “can fix him” or that having more children will save the relationship. and they end up making things so much worse

  6. Nope. If pregnancy is god's will, so is infertility and erectile dysfunction. Fight me.

  7. yep. if someone decided to have children, you are expected to respect that and god forbid you say that they’ll change your mind, and yet if you don’t want to have kids no one takes you seriously. why is it so hard to respect our choices?

  8. yeah that’s actually one of the reasons I don’t want to have children. you are never sure how your husband may turn out to be

  9. I think that when you’re talking to complete strangers, it makes no sense to share personal information with them, especially something that could provoke such a reaction

  10. This. When I was young enough that people still asked me, I would give some bland, noncommittal answer and change the subject.

  11. yes, I mean I get that we get questioned and not taken seriously a lot but I don’t get it when guys start arguing with random people over this subject and get all mad about it. I dismiss this topic even with some of my relatives since arguing is just not worth it

  12. this falling in love and altering your life choices because of that thing is childish. yeah love is cool but you can only have a viable relationship with someone who is compatible with you and whose life goals align with yours. it might not be crazy love but this is a much better and mature thing to look out for

  13. I’d say it’s bullshit is most cases. if something is wrong in your life that you are not happy about, saying to yourself stuff like “just choose to be happy” or “just think positively” is self-gaslighting. you can’t force feelings that are not there

  14. I think one sign is that they look at each other in a weird way like they know something you don’t, and when looking at each other they have a mischievous smile or a weird awkward facial expression.

  15. Their phones keep going off with text alerts and they keep acting sneaky and glancing at each other

  16. I have this with my friends too though, so I wouldn’t say it’s a 100% sign

  17. This thread is the perfect antidote to working being productive whatever is going on RN. Thank you for posting it!

  18. Olympic Orchids. I sometimes wrestle with whether they are more indie than niche..but I feel very lucky to have discovered them through this sub so they deserve to be shared. If you like a super unique acquired tastes you will enjoy!

  19. block him. you have already sent him a polite message explaining your perspective.

  20. so relatable. I thought I was the only one who had this. I lost a friend because of a similar situation, I was splitting all the time but one day it was especially bad and I ruined everything

  21. yep, happens all the time. I’ve actually become very self-conscious with my looks because of this not to draw attention. and on occasions when I need to dress smart it’s like “let’s bet how many men will give me unwanted attention today”

  22. i was actually looking for old school dragons that don’t look oriental

  23. no, it makes sense to be annoyed at them. I recently stumbled across a prolife instagram that was collecting money for families they encouraged to have kids, and there was a family that had NINE (!!!) kids. they all look miserable and poor.

  24. ughhh why it’s always these people that are wallowing in their shit and want to suck others in it too. bruh just admit that you’re unhappy with your decision and leave others alone ok???

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