1. If you pause it you can actually pin point the second when his heart rips in half.

  2. Then Hansen walked in and said “the paper towels are right here”

  3. Oh this definitely happened. If it is as common as this reviewer is trying to imply, why was it such a big deal that he smelled of it in school?

  4. sokol is so vile. he's eating pizza on a 1st date. pizza makes your breath stink. who the F is gonna makeout with someone with pizza breath? i just feel like i'm gonna throw up (ricks_talented_tongue)

  5. She asked him to bring pizza though and he didn’t start eating til he realised he wasn’t getting any action. He def was hoping to smash first but his hug got rejected and it was downhill from there.

  6. He was getting into the POW position; and this was a military man. So it would make sense that when he’s in trouble he would revert to that position.

  7. He was getting into the POV position!

  8. Ironically cas3y sounds exactly like patty mayonnaise

  9. He doesn’t look better or worse, just different.

  10. 👨‍⚕️🍹🎥🚶🕶️👮‍♂️😩

  11. Has anyone ever tried this fragrance Ross found? I’ve never seen any other reviewer mention it over the past 2 years…

  12. You’re free to leave at any time. I think you should go out the door you came in.

  13. This guy is like a bitter ex. He thanked TLTG for apologising and said he will never mention him again.

  14. Or, god forbid, wash your hands after eating with them.

  15. lol yeah lemme tune in for fitness advice from a couple of dad bods!

  16. Everything's "appropriate" for the weather. Believe it or not Armani sell these fragrances in countries that are cold year round just fine.

  17. It's in the background but not too in the background.

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