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  1. Because it isn’t just an oral candida infection. If you have candida overgrowth in your mouth—you also have it overgrown in your lower digestive system too. You need to treat the whole body with anti fungals.

  2. problem is, I've already tried anti fungals and nothing happened, what else am I supposed to do?

  3. Which anti fungals have you tried? Because different species react to different types of anti fungals.

  4. I'm probably ignorant on this but, are there different species of candida? If candida is just one specific species and I'm sure what I have is candida, but hey, I guess I'll try and ask for a culture to see what species is it. If it's not candida, it would explain why everything I've tried so far hasn't worked.

  5. yea, look up the book a headache in the pelvis, its considered one of the most knowledgeable and useful books about this issue. it goes into great deal about how pelvic pain is a combination of physical muscle dysfunction and upregulated nervous system from stress and anxiety causing a negative feedback loop of increased muscle dysfunction and anxiety

  6. Do pelvic floor muscle exercises still work if it's caused by anxiety?

  7. I haven't actually used this, but Dr. Barkley suggests getting a wristwatch that can vibrate or beep like every so often, like 10, or 15 minutes. Whenever it does that, you check your status, if you're sucked into something you shouldn't be, then step away from it. Plus, just having that regular stimulus is a good way to get a better sense of the passage of time, even if you're going to just choose to ignore it and keep scrolling, which you probably will at least sometimes.

  8. Wow, thank you so much for your advices, I'll definitely use them :)

  9. Thanks for the advice! Had no idea those chrome extensions existed, I've already added it to chrome. And yeah, I agree, ultimately it's gotta come down to discipline. I have things I need to work on and that I WANT to work on so hopefully it works out in the end for me :)

  10. How do you do oil paint on paper? Do you just gesso the paper or are there some extra steps?

  11. it's a special textured paper for oil and acrylics, you don't need to prime it

  12. I see the cow, just not you. Pretty cow tho. Wait are you the cow

  13. That happens to me too, specially after I eat something that i know isn't healthy like food with saturated fat or anything that has been fried

  14. Oh boy...I've had it all, sometimes it feels like my anxiety is just trying to be original everytime haha.

  15. this such a beautiful painting! you're an amazing artist, btw, do you have any social media where I can follow you?

  16. thank you! yes, I'm on twitter (@sergiart5_) and instagram (@sergiarts)

  17. It could be a migraine aura. Stress can sometimes induce migraines.

  18. I've had those before but these are different, they come and go instantly

  19. Yes, but mostly because I become hyyyyyyper aware of the ones already there.

  20. I have only had experience taking Adderall (15-20mg XR once a day) and it basically took my anxiety away. I remember walking down the street one day and realizing I wasn’t constantly worried about all the things that could go wrong and I was instead enjoying the walk.

  21. Wow, that's surprising tbh, never thought Adderall could just do that with anxiety. Hopefully it works the same with me, my life is in shambles and I think once I manage to find something that helps me focus and be more productive I'll see a big improvement in every area of my life (fingers crossed)

  22. Ritalin didn't work in high school but concerta works for me now in my late 20s... it's interesting.

  23. like with depression, when it comes to meds, ADHD is very similar in the sense that it can be a very case by case thing, maybe amphetamines work better for me idk

  24. They give different projects to different studios, even part of same shot to different studios. In my opinion, VFX artist should be happier coz more studios will get contracts because of the schedule and thus somewhat more job opportunities.....

  25. plenty of VFX artists who have worked (and still work) for Marvel have come out recently to denounce the mistreatment they experience, the crunches are insane and they're overworked and underpaid, plus, they're not unionized so the companies can just keep doing this all they want, have some basic empathy and demand more from the biggest film studio in existence right now

  26. how were you not aware of this lmao it's literally the whole reason why people are making these memes and talking about VFX artists, they're tired of the same shit over and over again

  27. Omega 3 (The reason some people decide to stop their veganism to eat fish) is often less discussed but is generally recommended for long term health. You can definitely get it from just coordinating your meals really well. But that takes a whole lot more effort. There are a fair number of plant-based ones on the market that are quite cheap (30 CAD) and they last a couple months when consumed regularly.

  28. Important to point out that the two types of omega 3's that are most important are EPA and DHA, which are hard to get naturally from a vegan diet, I'd recommend getting vegan supplements for those

  29. Which supplements do you recommend? I’m looking on Amazon, but there are so many options.

  30. I'm not an expert on what kinds of supplement brands are the best, I just bought the vegan option they have at MYPROTEIN, and remember please make sure it's the vegan supplement option, the regular is taken directly from the fish

  31. Buzzing brain. Spinning brain. Extreme eye tension. Feeling pulse all over my body. Out of body experience and derealization.

  32. omg buzzing brain!!! I think that's a description of the same thing I get right before feeling that tingly feeling all over the body

  33. Unsure how weird they are, but: dizziness, upper lip tingles, weakness/fatigue, shaking/vibrating feeling in the morning, lightheadedness during panic attacks, overheating. What sort of vision issues is it giving you, if you don’t mind me asking?

  34. the vision thing is like, I'll see something in the corner of my vision like a small black dot or maybe it looks like it's bright but when I look at it disappears

  35. still doesn't make the unnecessary amount of bad humour okay

  36. search "John Lamar" ln facebook, he is claimung your artwork

  37. could you link me their profile? I can't find the specific one

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