1. Their coffee is as shitty as their ledger.

  2. Mint Mobile, but do a little research to make sure the coverage is good in your area.

  3. Yeah, I looked up mint mobile and I can get 35 gigs for 30 bucks a month and it says that they’re coverage “very good” in my area

  4. Depends on who you ask. Do you actually need “ the best data provider “?

  5. I’d say unlimited data and cheapest I don’t care if it’s the weirdest offbrand tbh. Basically, where can I get unlimited data for the cheapest.

  6. I was wondering about this as well… and why more people don’t do it. I found this article that explains it better than I can… and a good read for all dividend investors

  7. Well damn I’m 16 and I don’t do any of these things 😂

  8. China is doing what they are know for; cheap manufacturing and labour. Breaks in 5 minutes

  9. Daily wire is smart because they understand that it’s ok to lose a battle to win a much longer war. Losing crowder seems like a loss but it’s more a victory that DW can refuse someone that big and still be successful.

  10. Liked techs stuff but this episode felt so far down from last weeks. I want more Cody and crosshair

  11. I’m actually about to go sit down and read the paper rn. Reddit is addictive though ;)

  12. You’re really making me miss my paper right now, have fun bud, I’ll be here straining my eyes scrolling the WSJ app lol


  14. Delayed gratification of news & information helps me understand things better and actually glean info from the news.

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