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  1. Wedding Tax is real, and you're a prime example of how people like to charge more as soon as its a wedding, cause you think you can YTA

  2. Jeg synes det er godt med skrappe regler- ligesom reglerne er skrappe for at adoptere. Mange ville acceptere risiko for alvorlige sygdomme hvis de havde valget, så desperat kan ønsket om børn være når man er i ægdonor stadiet. Derfor er jeg også fan af åbenhed om lidelser, fysisk som psykisk så man faktisk ved hvad man risikere ved børn naturligt og om det måske var en ide med ægsortering. Og ja jeg synes faktisk at det sekund man går over naturens gang og involvere os direkte SKAL vi gøre ekstra meget for at undgå sygdom, ganske som et barn adopteret SKAL være bedre screening end bare random

  3. Det er ikke en selvfølge at man får et rask barn ved adoption. Du kan få et barn der mangler lemmer eller er syg. Det har jeg tolket om.

  4. Det var heller ikke hvad jeg sagde. Der er krav til dem der adoptere, ret stramme krav. Barnets ve og vel kommer først. Om det er født eller før det eksisterer, når vi blander os. Og som jeg sagde synes jeg helt klart vi skal være mere åbne om sygdomme

  5. Hobbies and passions are never a waste of time. Im sorry your wife got such a cruel husband as you. that seem to delight in tearing her down and shitting on her YTAAlso give me a break, you never watched a movie or listened to music or read a book? Art is a career nomatter how snobby you are

  6. My answer always is: so you want a person who uses abortion as birth control to care for a child? Do you expect a person who uses abortion as birth control to be able to be healthy during pregnancy and not hurt the baby? Do you think a person using abortion as birth control is intelligent enough to give up a child for adoption through legal means? Do you really think any person using abortion as birth control should be anywhere near a fetus or a baby?

  7. They are, and it's dangerous to be trans. But in a safe community there is a lot of room for kids to experiement with their expression. I don't doubt that kids who are queer in some way are drawn to safe communities, but there can be peer pressure in different ways in those communities. Teenagers are going through a lot, and their environment determines how they express that.

  8. I hear you, but my point was rather that I doubt cis kids will think they are trans. I know sometimes thinking you're trans is a step on a journey (however it's rare but I'm aware it happens), I mean the road to getting anything permanent done is very long and with many stops. Plenty of options to realize if it's not actually who you are, so I wouldn't worry about a kid thinking they are trans and changing their mind, but I don't see it happen a lot. Even in safe communities, which mine is to a big degree, there's still harassment and such. In other parts of the world, even a loving family cant protect from that, or a small community. Its a hard thing to do, living authentically.

  9. I can't speak to the private medical decisions of the kids in my kids schools and social circles, but they is the most common pronoun, and name changes are common, but it's not common for someone to use the opposite gendered pronoun, and of those who have, many have changed it again. There is one kid who I think is likely trans based on age and gender expression, chosen name, etc. I also think they may not be coping as well after making the transition to a more conventional school, because they are gravitating towards certain people who are more accepting. (Sorry, trying to be vague)

  10. I get you need to be vague, no problem. :)Kids play around and that's ok, to fully transition to "fit in" is what I object to, and I cant imagine kids going years and years insisting on being one gender and then changing it happen very often. I hope the one you speak about gets a lot of support, and school wont be too harsh

  11. Oh wow, she has a lot of features that run in my family - the almond eyes with heavy eyelids, the "bulldog" cheeks, the shape of the mouth. Uploaded to gedmatch, I hope shell be identified

  12. Personlig elsker jeg umbrella academy, god serie at dykke ned i hvis man kan li kaos og persondrevet plot.

  13. Hele sagen virker blot som "hvis Støjberg skal have rigsretssag skal Mette også" fremfor at der faktisk har foregået bevidst manipulering og løgn. Jeg er med hvad andre har nævnt, der var blevet en særlov. Er der et fuck up? I den grad, men intet tyder på at det var et bevist valg.

  14. Jeg forstår ikke helt hvordan et kunstværk som det matcher roskile festival? Udover at det er direkte kritik af festivallen?

  15. Så vidt jeg ved, var det Roskilde som inviterede kunstneren, Da hun så begyndte at tale om overgreb hun selv havde oplevet på selvsamme festival, så valgte de at lukke helt ned.

  16. I think its more immoral to keep animals in cages for life that's never gonna find homes (this include industrial farming)

  17. Very true. It was unintentional, but I still had this problem regardless. That’s because of how I was treated as a kid. I ended up having no personality whatsoever because I masked constantly & I always sucked at it

  18. Thank you so much! I noticed that I’m able to function easier now too. I really wasn’t expecting that.

  19. Masking takes up sooo muuuch brainpower, it took me a good while myself and sometimes it still happens but for most time im me, and its so much easier

  20. I haven't. With a loved one who battled cancer in 2020, and still got a shit immune system I don't have that luxury

  21. De har intet på Lækari i slagelse, det er sgu ordentlige candy-donuts

  22. I weaned off venlafaxine, the brain fog, bad dreams, excessive sweating, and memory problems became too much and I also don't need them anymore. It also fucked up my period so I bled nonstop for 9 months, heavy flow until we found the brand of pill that could stop it. Hard ones to get off, uff, that was hell. But they sure did work efficiently for a long time, Now I'm only on quetiapine to help me sleep and manage hallucinations. Not any notable side effects

  23. Dancing! I do that one too! Or sing, if there's a good tune in the store ill dance along or low-sing along XD

  24. That is stalking and youre being gross, you see women as objects you can win if you play the game right. Please get some therapy YTA

  25. That skipping a period using birthcontrol does not mean theres an egg sitting and rotting inside

  26. Couldn't you skip the period by drinking a lot of water and it will just wash the blood out in your pee?

  27. You hit your kid hard enough to leave marks? GET HELP ffs that's not normal! Thats not even "spanking" that's full on beating

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