1. it is impossible for tretinoin to remove deeper wrinkles in 6 months time, but thanks for the kind words.

  2. Sorry that there were no kind words. The light in the first picture makes it look like, the forehead lines are lighter. My bad. Hopefully it will get better with further usage.

  3. Why are y'all down voting someone for an honest review? Y'all are super weird honestly. Why does every comment have to be a feel Good comment, what's the point.

  4. It's alright. I judged OP's progress the same way I judge mine. Maybe it's too critical for this sub.

  5. ??? running on tracks is much better. atleast it's maintained. bc delhi ki roads me kabh foot tedha medha ho jaye aur chot lag jaye.

  6. But there is nothing to see. It is fine. I was just asking. The only place I do see people running on roads in near lutyens, which makes sense, its pretty.

  7. We will become silhouettes by the The postal service

  8. I literally just had a bad run tonight LOL. But it is what it is. I didn't sleep well and I've been under stress

  9. This is literally the most gorgeous look I have seen on this sub

  10. I have similar difficulties as you. Last year I got to the end of w9, to the free runs. However, I had a serious neck injury and had to stop. When I was fully healed I started again at w4 and didn't go well. I decided to start all over again. I can't get any further on w5d3. So now a few weeks ago I am doing w5d2 again and again. If I get strong enough I can go to the next difficulty level, I hope I can feel that I have reached that level. My advice to you and myself is patience and running for the love of exercise. We will get through the difficulty, it just might take a little more time. I'm rooting for you!

  11. Thankyou for the motivation. I can't even imagine reaching week 9 and having to lose progress. You still continuing is commendable. Let's do it!

  12. And most of these are SPF50 PA++++ water resistant and affordable? 🥹🛐

  13. Does Vaseline give enough coverage? What do you use outdoors for body?

  14. Your skin is becoming irritated. Back off to twice a week. What % are you using?

  15. 0.025. Up till December I was using it in a gap of 3 days. Should I go back to it?

  16. i never really got anything besides like 4 pimples total, and a couple on the side of my nose, i dont get acne much so it really depends on the person

  17. Did you skin flake though? I don't remember actually getting any pimples.

  18. Great just great!! I especially loved how he flopped over luckily without hurting anyone. Well deserved.

  19. I totally agree with other comments.. go for Pharma grade Azelaic acid and you will never go back!

  20. Which Pharma brand do you use? Aziderm/Ezenic/ Picspot? Confused!

  21. I did contact Minimalist team to find out about it a few weeks ago. At that time they mentioned it will be back in stock. So I guess it's not discontinued.

  22. I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but ... Mamaearth Rice water hair mask and Aqualogica sunscreen.

  23. Did it prevent tanning? Also please mention your level of sun exposure

  24. With that facewash mind your eyes, cause it stings eyes like a bitch.

  25. No shampoo, conditioner, hair oil or dry shampoo can fix the damage caused by bleach

  26. Week 6 which day? And does it include walking time as well?

  27. I find that for runs < 1h, if I'm thirsty enough that I regret no carrying water (and yes, parched throat is a symptom of that), it generally means that I haven't been hydrating enough the rest of the time (throughout the days before the run), even if I don't feel thirsty during the day. When you run, you sweat and that's made out of water and salt - so you need enough of both (meaning water and electrolytes). That's especially true if you run in warm weather (worse if it's dry climate).

  28. I run in the evenings. I forgot to mention that. Its actually getting colder where I live.

  29. Slow your pace if you want to be able to run longer. Mind your breathing rhythm. My throat gets sore for the same reason, so I add honey to some herbal tea. Sometimes I do warm milk with honey. In the US, there is a tea sold called Throat Coat. It isn’t super tasty but it does the job. Honey is my go to though and maybe take in some added electrolytes from Nuun, Gatorade, whatever to help you be hydrated better. You’re doing an amazing job!!!

  30. I was talking about side stitch, but it starts when I start the cool down walk, not while I am running, it goes away in about 5 minutes I guess.

  31. I read this as husband killed by Japanese Curry! Stupid brain.

  32. Essentially, ChicButtercup is correct but additionally, IPL devices work on the basis of contrast. There needs to be a high degree of contrast between your skin color and hair color. So most at home IPL devices won’t work on very dark skin with very dark hair, or very light. Skin with very light hair.

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