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  1. Like fuck the protestors but the cops need a good chocking. Fuck those pigs.

  2. Agreed! Take my upvote. Id move into a child free apartment in a heartbeat!

  3. Uh question for the barbecue chef. Don’t you think there is an inherent danger in sending under qualified civilians into space?

  4. I can dislike whatever the hell I want and take steps to avoid being around it if it bothers me. I find children disgusting so I take steps to assure I am never around them.

  5. Jesus fuck man / woman, get over yourself. Dudes just trying to do his job and you’re here bitching about it. By the looks of it the delivery driver had no other close place to go.

  6. Why didn’t he just stop in the road then? Why did he have to be that close?

  7. You seriously think it would be better to stop in the road for a delivery? 😂🤡

  8. I don’t speak emoji. The goof can park in a parking spot. No sympathy

  9. Most people use a plate, but this dude is trying to turn society on its head

  10. Good the government is cold hearted drug dealers taking advantage of addicts and average Joe alike. Eat the rich.

  11. Tell them you gotta skip a few hours to get some shit done? I mean, that's what I'd do.

  12. Nope. Bank and gov’t offices are the ones that have it right. 9-5 M-F is plenty. There’s no need to subject MORE people to working these crazy hours in the name of convenience or customer service.

  13. Lol everyones job is the problem. Also I’m not being paid for those two hours I have to take off so now not only am I in trouble from work from taking those hours off, but I just missed a bill payment because the bank is M-F 9-5.

  14. I'm with the OP. Its a 16 year old kid. $400 a week, with OP providing food and transportation is pretty generous.

  15. In the comments he said he is currently a dog walker (as his side hussle) but that he also makes decent money from it

  16. Seems like you need to get a handle of these "little charges".

  17. Usually fuck HOA’s but in this case I agree. Nothing worse than the sound of someones cum trophies screeching all day and night.

  18. Am I imagining it or did it seem like Kimiko is starting to get her powers back? She seemed a bit too strong during the warehouse scene.

  19. I was actually wondering that too. Did none of the bullets shot through the corpse hit her at all?

  20. Just fight fire with fire. Simple. If she calls the pigs they cant do anything without shutting her music off too.

  21. People should refuse to buy any supplies with their money since price is more important than convenience and productivity. Our of pens? Have bookkeeper order some more. Can't work for 2 days while you wait for them? Oh well. Cost effective...

  22. Its what I do at my job. I don’t even bring my wallet with me. Ive been asked several times to grab something on my way to work. “Oh sorry I don’t bring my wallet with me around on work days”.

  23. I hate entitled breeders like this. Bring their cum trophy to a place its not supposed to be then “why is everything so loud”.

  24. Unions don’t really work if you’re an easily replaceable unskilled wage worker. If you really want to unionize, get a CDL or apprenticeship for some trade.

  25. Fuck outta here with that “unskilled” garbage. No such thing as unskilled labour, that term is one used by the upper class and elite to justify slave wages

  26. Then fine them their entire profit for the year and distribute it to their workers. Problem fucking solved. Don’t make it worth it for these shitty fucking companies to break the law

  27. No offense but I somehow doubt the restructing of a company which often takes years to finalize was done because they didn't want striking workers to get their rights

  28. You’d be surprised how far a company will go to avoid treating their workers like humans

  29. Yes that's why I call every blind person an illiterate fuck.

  30. Hot take. Peacemaker was better than The Boys and all D+ Marvel shows.

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