Honeybee populations could be wiped out worldwide by wing virus

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  1. Agreed. It seems some people don’t know what they are missing, in a good way. The heat we are avoiding is amazing. I spent some time in the south, as of 9am you cannot go outside without feeling like fainting until 11pm to where you get to fight bugs. The fact we can walk around during the days, granted cooler and wetter than normal, but enjoyable non the less is amazing.

  2. I’m intrigued, but don’t fully understand. How is it different than the Seattle Housing Authority?

  3. As I understand it, the Seattle Housing Authority serves low income residents through around 6,000 federal units and around 800 locally funded units. I-135 would create a Public Developer for Seattle, which would give the city the ability to build (or purchase) its own public housing through loans provided by issuing bonds.

  4. It's interesting seeing the buildings with stucco up there.

  5. What types of different things are in the center of the built squares? Shared backyard/courtyard? Other businesses?

  6. Just curious- how did you make this map with the route like this?

  7. You can do this on google maps. It’s very helpful since it shows the time and distance between stops

  8. I can tell where this was taken, but it’s crazy how many parts of SLU in Seattle are unrecognizable because of how much the skyline has changed in just a few years.

  9. We should give each kid in school an AK-47 and teach them how to defend themselves as true soldiers of the USA.

  10. You’re joking, yet some in this country actually support the idea…ridiculous.

  11. Would definitely like more murals around the city. Also would be cool to have a designated communal spot to graffiti.

  12. Would be interesting and important to learn more about those varroa mites which lead to this.

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