1. That’s a Nintendo switch issue not a TGC issue. TGC might not be able to help you there. If you REALLY want to play sky just download it on mobile and connect your Nintendo account

  2. Amazing! I wish I could get used to the layout so I could figure out songs 😭

  3. I play piano for a living irl, but this was like learning a whole new instrument 😂

  4. Hahahaha. Who are you dreamies, btw?

  5. Sherb, Sasha, Shino, Ione, Raymond, Molly, Ketchup, Bluebear, Judy, and Maple

  6. How do you lay those patters in the sand? When I’m in construction mode it won’t let me make paths on the beach :(

  7. They’re custom tiles! They can be placed anywhere, even indoors!

  8. (sorry for skipping through the dialogue too quickly 😅)

  9. in edit mode, I just place it in that middle spot like it’s a table! hope that helps!

  10. Update: I got rid of fauna and found Sasha after like my 250th NMT

  11. my dream address is DA-1783-6888-9356 // you should be able to see my map there!

  12. Is the rest of your island up high or did I not realize I could dig down? Lol this is beautiful!

  13. This area is high up, and I “dug out” the lower levels by building up from the lowest point.

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