1. D-day was on a Sunday. The guys and girls supported he throughout everything.

  2. Man, I wish she wouldn’t have got back with him. No offense, but he knew what he was doing. Let me guess he was a “god fearing Christian”. Naw one time maybe, but a 3 month affair is bad. You guys never knew your friend!

  3. It is amazing you have the ability to make such decisive evaluations and assumptions about people you have never met and know nothing about other than what you have read about them on REDDIT. It is also surprising you would not want his wife to be happy, but I guess you know better than she does, what she should do or what should make her happy. It isn't like she is some weak ass shrinking violet. She is a very strong woman (both physically and emotionally) who is brilliant and has a ton of well-adjusted friends and family who care for her. She doesn't need him to survive or to be happy. She chose to be with him again and remarry him. She could have had any guy she wanted. Same goes for their kids and friends in you not wanting them to be happy either because your advice to her would have created that scenario as well.

  4. Money doesn’t equate to happiness if that’s what you are getting at! If it did, he wouldn’t have screwed his wife up mentally! You said all this that you knew him, but did you? After what he did? I would watch your wife as well! Obviously you all got some type of money, so it’s easier to hide things. I hope he doesn’t fuck her up anymore than he did! Good luck to you.

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  6. I didn’t really think of “assistance” until 50+ but because of the health benefits the drugs were originally developed for I think I think everyone should have access to them whenever they are ready. I have high blood pressure and afib so I’ve been tracking all my health issues with my Apple Watch for years and all my numbers have improved with both of these drugs. The 25-50 years are challenging with work, family, money, and future concerns and your sex life and health can start to be routine and secondary.

  7. That’s true. And I feel it’s tougher now a days to try and make ends meet. I think it’s stress, porn, etc. especially social media. But you needed it for that so you have a reason. I feel like so many young keys need it for an ego boost and insecurity’s. But that’s just me. Did it get you harder than you ever have if you don’t mind me asking?

  8. I think the medical field is finally recognizing the importance of stress and treating the whole person. They have made enough money off boners that they are finally branching out to the original applicants. And yes it has definitely restored a strong feeling of youth. And I my age it’s an unexpected and wonderful experience.

  9. Nice. It’s crazy people don’t realize how much sex means and especially because you are older they think you don’t want that feeling. Especially for a man. It makes me feel “manly” ha

  10. My husband filled out a form online, then had a VERY brief call about dosage and then they just mailed it to him. Very easy and they refill it automatically.

  11. So, your husband couldn’t get it up? Did this help him?

  12. I’ve got the electric razor and a regular razor from Them for down there stuff. The electric razor is best for like above and around the dick, and the regular razor is small and mobile enough and smooth stripped enough to run over the balls and not worry about cutting anything. I use them about twice a week and I stay super smooth down there. Pair it with there ball deodorant, and man my wife’s never been more willing get on down there.

  13. Is she willing to suck your balls when they are only clean shaven?

  14. She shattered in! What’s third base? If it’s oral that’s worse than sex for me as a man.

  15. Yes I do consider it unfaithful. Obviously not as bad as going all the way but still not great. I do feel she’s been faithful since then and possibly prior to the “kissing boss” incident. Maybe that’s all that happened and she still feels guilty or maybe more happened and wants to come clean but is having trouble.

  16. How long was the sexual affair? Who was the doctor. You don’t owe him anything to put him! I want to look his sorry ass up for no one I know can get near him. He’s going to find a job somewhere.

  17. I have “manned up” for 38 years! I have thrown nobody into the mix! This is all her. Do you think sitting down and talking to her alone is going to exclude our kids and relatives? Don’t tell me about “manning up” her mother has been supplied a new car every 4 years from my company since her dad died. She has also received a monthly siphon so she wouldn’t want for anything! I paid for 3 kid’s tuition through their undergraduate degree plus their housing so they could start life with no debt! I am pissed and am about to show my royal ass!

  18. You were literally her second choice. Why you would have to ask what to do is crazy.

  19. That just shows he’s a great liar and would do anything to keep a comfortable life and have his cake. He doesn’t love you. How do you know he slept with someone forsure forsure though?

  20. You should act like everything is fine and normal. Make her get comfortable again. Then the next time she’s using her phone for something, snatch it out of her hands before she can lock it and then lick yourself in the bathroom and go through it. Screen grab everything you can and send it to yourself as proof. If you find anything you shouldn’t, just open up the bathroom door, hand her phone, and calmly tell her the engagement and relationship is over. No anger. No tears. No fighting. Ignore everything she says to you. Complete stoicism. Send all nefarious evidence to dr’s wife and then call a meeting with HR at the office and present everything to them. Maybe even consider filing a complaint with his medical governing board.

  21. Yup. They are fuckin forsure. Doctors got money to hide a lot. Hotels, etc.

  22. So glad you left!!!!!! So sick of seeing these doormats on here.

  23. I read. So it was more than one? She isn’t a good person.

  24. When he was sleeping, his phone lit up. I glanced at it and saw some inappropriate emojis. Married 20+ years, never went through his stuff. Unlocked it, and stayed up all night finding more and more. When he woke up in the morning, i confronted him. I knew the ap, and confronted her too the next day. Fuck them both…how could someone look you in the eyes and lie straight to your face for months. How can they smile at you, be friendly, while all along doing something they know will destroy a family. Pieces of shit! Yes- I am still angry. I am glad I found out, I felt like a fool. I am no fool…I deserve a loyal partner and friends.

  25. Good that you left that sorry man! Fu** that lady too! How close was she to you guys! Don’t fake his ass back!

  26. Thank you. A fresh start someday would be nice. I would probably want to move. I still want kids, but women my age are probably already done having kids or have kids of their own. Nothing wrong with that, but I would want to have at least one baby of my own.

  27. Dam, I remember this. Wild ending. Fu** that nasty women. Thank god I didn’t see any time of reconciliation like all these other doormats. What band was it? I remember you saying you guys were latino but I would like to know.

  28. They did. We are waiting for the STD results.

  29. Maaaaaan. How can you even think of staying with her. This has to be fake. Has to be.

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