AITA for refusing to accept my niece's mother's day card?

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  1. I think it’s to do with the content of the shit? As dogs predominantly have an omnivorous diet, whereas horses are herbivores. Therefore, dog shit contains decomposing meet, which could harbour diseases such as salmonella or E. coli.

  2. I don’t really think this is a choosing beggar. I don’t have a dog and would love the opportunity to walk one. Loads of fun, minimal responsibility and virtually no cost.

  3. I used to collect them when they had Lord of the Rings cards inside 😅

  4. YTA. It’s not that hard to adjust to a dairy free diet and it’s not like she’s made this choice.

  5. Yes. I got my personal / underseat bag weighed on a Wizz Air flight from Sarajevo last month and was fined £32 (~$40) for it being overweight. And it wasn’t a routine thing, they were doing it for everyone.

  6. NTA. Labour sounds like a pretty disgusting miracle and you have every right to avoid it, whether you’re squeamish or not. If I ever have kids I’ll even be trying to avoid it then.

  7. Either EU or Canada. US and UK are pretty corrupt and Australia is well.... Australia

  8. I am British and had a friend who voted for Brexit on the grounds that the EU is corrupt. It’s like she can’t even see what’s in front of her.

  9. I have my blower motor replaced two days ago,15mins job, the one that I had taken out was heavily rust on bearing. Mine was 2017

  10. Was it working noticeably less, or was it just changed as part of a routine check? Thanks.

  11. Not unless you smoke in your car. But the motor itself wears out over time. Which is what happened with mine.

  12. I've had her since new so I am fairly confident that there hasn't been any smoking. I'm guessing it'll be obvious when the motor wears out, so probably just wait until that eventuality? Or could it wearing out be what is causing the fuse to blow almost annually? Thanks.

  13. Posts should include context and demonstrate prior research effort.

  14. Fair enough. I did do some research but it was very conflicting so thought I’d ask for some human opinions!

  15. No problem -- left it around for a while so you could get some input at least.

  16. Even the smaller carry on will incur charges on Ryanair and EasyJet, since their basic fare only includes the under seat personal item and you need to pay extra to put the suitcase in the overhead locker.

  17. Is that from personal experience or just looking at dimensions? Sometimes they are okay and I just wondered 😅

  18. No, they will not allow a wheeled suitcase of that size (even the smaller Away carry on) on the cheapest, basic fare. If it’s a backpack of that size, it might be possible providing the sides are soft and you can stuff it into the measuring box, but no chance for a wheeled suitcase of that size.

  19. Oh, I think you have misinterpreted my question. I am aware that the baggage restrictions have changed, but I was referring to flying with the paid hand luggage, which I thought would be obvious from me giving the dimensions associated with that. Apologies.

  20. I call my friends and say, "Let's go into town". But they're all too busy to go into town. So I go by myself, I go into town. Then I see all my friends, they're all in town.

  21. There was an advert for Tunnocks similar to this at Gatwick Airport 😅

  22. They’re attempting to use stones from on site. Where they can’t they use slightly different colours to differentiate original and restoration, as you can see on some of the pillars on the left.

  23. Where in the world does McDonald's serve potato wedges?

  24. I used to walk to school without my parents when I was five. I never had need to get public transport but would have almost definitely done that alone too.

  25. I think I know if this infamous individual. Are you in Norfolk by chance? 🙈

  26. I love how angry people get about the photos being in a different order 😂

  27. I did this as a child, ended up walking my neighbours dog Monty at 6 pm every night for about four years! 💛

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