1. Genie by SNSD is the greatest KPop song ever in my opinion. A hit, a classic, a gem..everyone should listen to it

  2. It's not problems at all people are over sensitive these days

  3. Can y'all not bring ship wars over here.. this is embarrassing

  4. Drag him probably be nasty coz they think he's queer. I hope he's smart enough to hide it but I also think he'd never get into a dating scandal

  5. Reveluvs are mostly akgae that's why. Wendy is a very easy target and Yeri too. I will never forget that one Joy edit of 24K magic in which they straight up edited Wendy to be the ugly one and several of them were kekeing like you gotta be real delusional to think this woman is ugly

  6. And if I say Wendy main slayer of RV then what?? Watching Wendy perform and sing is so much fun. I was floored by her during Step Back

  7. Exo and yes I will forever love them and their music

  8. They are not exceptions since she has tapped to that sound a little before too.

  9. Oh y'all losers want her to be shitty like your fav so bad but it ain't working

  10. Yeah ik that’s my point… she’s a shitty person as well not to mention how much carbon she emits

  11. Y'all acting like Taylor the only celeb who uses jets lol

  12. This is literally Sand Chronicles, Skip beat and Fruits Basket idk what else to tell u

  13. Unpopular opinion but Aespa choreographies are absolutely insane. Hear me out why:

  14. The choreography for girls was not bad. Yall say this but I haven't seen anyone actually state what was bad about the choreo?! Like what about it made it bad?

  15. It's actually very bad and underwhelming. The execution was even worse. Only good SM gg choreo this year was Step back, Forever 1 and Wildside ig

  16. He has a dedicated solo fandom that supports him but he is not that popular in NCity as a whole. You can see it with his music releases - they usually get the least support out of all the members.

  17. Are u joking? Doyoung is NCity's beloved u should see the traction on his posts/ tweets. DY hasn't released any significant music that's why u don't see that support

  18. That’s funny that you think he’s NCity beloved. He’s attacked by every subfandoms on Twt almost on a daily basic. The man can just breathe and get attacked.

  19. Twitter isn't everything and doesn't reflect the whole fandom. The ones attacking him are mostly akgaes. NCTzens are not streamers at all btw and solo songs are mostly carried by solo fans

  20. Yes ever since they dropped Hot Sauce it became a no Brainer..NCT Dream is NCT's only saving grace considering their embarrassing performances on charts, YT and streams for Big 3 co 3rd Gen group.

  21. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo no one compares to them and what they did on Moonlight and What is love

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