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  1. What turn are you expecting the Mox to drop?

  2. After your second ramp on 2 probably. I'm not saying it would be great but between man lands and mazes you should be able to protect your life total.

  3. Sounds janky and fun. Not really making the Mox sound that broken.

  4. Some of the hottest couples I have played with are in their mid 60s. Still lots of time for you to have fun.

  5. I don't hang out with 4th wave feminists activists, so I don't hear this anywhere but by the mentally disturbed types online.

  6. It seems a lot of people are taking umbrage with me sharing/growing through/reinforcing that message. Not sure if I was unclear in my post or what else is driving it

  7. Religion is a factor. But, there are other factors that are more gendervspect. And you'd think as an agnostic raised by a Buddhist that religion wouldn't be the source of conservative messaging in my case

  8. It sounds like you aren't as good as your friends. And, you know what? That's okay. That frustration you are feeling is growing pains. The best thing you can do right now is, ironically, keep loosing.

  9. Thanks!! It’s only an interim setup though as I prep its next more permanent location, breaking it down and putting it back up always reveals something new and useful…is what I tell people to hide my sick cord fetish. DON’T LOOK AT ME—I’M A MONSTER!!!

  10. I think part of what I respect about this is how portable it looks.

  11. You think this is a lady? Why do you Think that? if you don't mind me asking

  12. It kinda bothers me because it’s technically all lying. As long as they’re not creatures the abilities don’t actually work as a non-tribal non-creature just can’t have a creature type even if an ability says it would.

  13. But that's the beauty of OP's design. Until these spirits are awakened they are just plots of land. Then when some green mage comes along and asks [[Nissa, Vital Force]] to start turning lands into Elementals, well then, these lands are Spirit Elemental Soldiers with First Strike, etc.

  14. I have run Enchantress for years and ramp auras are always great there, often netting multiple triggers in the late game makes them a live draw all game long. But, therein lies the issue for most other decks - these are 100% a dead draw while dorks often bring synergy, or even little bits of pocket damage right up till the end.

  15. "oddly"? R/genuinelyterrifying seems more appropriate. ☺️

  16. What does that company actually do? The mind boggles.

  17. There certainly are some lines of business where this logo could be perfect.

  18. What a self entitled cuntwaffle. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

  19. Thanks, it's the story of my life though everything cool about me I have stolen from someone else!

  20. "everything cool about me I have stolen from someone else!" Ah, so you're an artist. ☺️

  21. Yes, he is the former front man / singer for the band Ghost. I think their music would be appreciated here.

  22. That might be a better analog. But, ol Griselly allows you to buy back the life so this won't be quite as toxic.

  23. After you've lost 30 life, you likely have a blink spell or a sac spell and a way to gain back that life. Esp if you just "gained" 30

  24. It means you can use this ability exactly 10 times, among all 4 copies that you might put into the deck.

  25. Most decks that will want this (ie. Infect) will want to win as quickly as possible and may pay no more than 10 mana across all sources/turns. Winning with 9 poison counters on you is as good as winning with 0. So, no... this is not a drawback

  26. It also deals one damage to you, you are aware? It's not just a poison counter. That's just on top of the damage.

  27. 702.90. Infect 702.90a Infect is a static ability. 702.90b Damage dealt to a player by a source with infect doesn’t cause that player to lose life. Rather, it causes that source’s controller to give the player that many poison counters. See rule 120.3.

  28. I'm not a rules expert so I may be off here, but does the can't be sacrificed ability mean the Treasures are useless while Excessive Hoarding is on the battlefield?

  29. This sounds like a very common place to start from. Give yourself permission to feel this way for a long time. And then, eat the elephant one bite at a time.

  30. I liked parts of his book and feel dirty for it. But while "walk tall" and "snuggle cats" are both good pieces of advice the rest of his thinking is extremely right wing.

  31. Unreal is such a weird term for one of the most natural processes on our planet.

  32. Many men have been culturally conditioned to be stoic and they've gotten repeated reinforcing messages that their sexual feelings are transgressive or bad.

  33. There's still a lot of work to be done on the "women enjoy sex too" front when it comes to messaging that men receive. I stay quiet not to scare my partner away.

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