1. Count the number of islands initially and mark the clusters, when a insert happens look around 4 directionally and connect to the clusters if present and decrease the count of total islands if you connect to more than one island. Increase by one if there are none. Doable using union find by adding nodes in a cluster under one parent. Best I can think of at the moment.

  2. These are all terrible hahah love the commitment though

  3. The roof spraying sewer water at me at the chargers game this past year

  4. The usual rule is spending 1/3 your income, though unless you have a good job that might be tricky to pull off.

  5. I’m looking at 43k euro/year would you say that 30% is doable with that?

  6. I work in Barcelona for a non-tech US company making 55k first year data engineer. Amazon is known for giving shit salaries in Spain. If you really want to move to Madrid and already work for Amazon in the US, you can easily get a better paying job there. Google, Microsoft, Datadog, etc have big offices in Madrid and they pay way better (think 70k+). Same goes for remote positions in Spain like Meta, Apple, Stripe, Cabify, etc. You still need to keep in mind that 50k in spain for first year is completely unheard of, only very few lucky people manage to make that money here. Other than that, Madrid is awesome, I love it. I’m American too and have been to NYC many times and Madrid is 10x better city imo.

  7. Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it.

  8. Im Spanish, thats an ok salary in Madrid, but rent there is expensive(not as much as nyc ofc), but i think you will enjoy your stay in spain, its definitely an interesting country, i assume those 50k are after taxes?

  9. No it’s before taxes :/ You can add another 7k though for relocation

  10. Did you apply for US positions? If so it's surprising that you'd get an offer for Madrid.

  11. I applied for madrid. Only concern is low salary

  12. You can have a bomb life + travel Europe. Worth it for the experience I'd say (+ Amazon brand name for future jobs)

  13. Agreed. People here seem super focused on money when in reality it’s things like traveling, new experiences, and enjoying life that make you happy

  14. 43k euros is a shitton in spain. most people get by with less than 1k a month. the lifestyle and culture are so much better Id gladly take a pay cut to work in Spain or other European country

  15. Do it bro, don’t listen to people here telling you to stay, gtfo the US. Go to Madrid, Europe is a great time, you’re young, if you’re really worries about money you can always get another job on top.

  16. I appreciate the words, hard to find people that can see the value in things aside from money

  17. Like the other guy said, you don’t lose anything. The companies will not be annoyed at you and there is no harm in it unless you don’t like rejection

  18. Would future employers see it as a bad thing that I did not work in the US office?

  19. Will try to negotiate. It’s a new grad role so they may not budge but we shall see

  20. how did you end up interviewing for a role outside the US?

  21. Just applied through the job site. Amazon is really good with visas

  22. You have a lot of ground to cover but if you YouTube system design (some topic here) like parking garage you will get good material. Also : good books .. Web scalability for startup engineers & designing data intensive applications. With these you should be able to tread water

  23. Biggest meltdown this subreddit has had since the Python 3 update

  24. Tunnel. Vision. There is nothing mor important in your life right now than taking yourself to the next level. Prove to yourself that you have the brain power to outsmart possibly one of the most difficult professional timed evaluations out there

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