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  1. We need to make a distinction here - is he doing this as a form of protest, or is he just a fifth grader who wants to blow shit up.

  2. Fifth graders arent the most politically engaged in my experience

  3. I've organized multiple donations to the big mosque in southern Beirut

  4. You gave money to organized religion? How is this praxis!!?

  5. This actually looks like someone writing stuff down but they have dementia (or Alzheimer’s). Seriously I’d ask if they should see a doctor

  6. Great man theory and its consequences have been a disaster for Western leftists

  7. Oh well, I don’t trust Iran with nukes any less than I trust America

  8. Ultimately if you really wanna know how old it is it’s gonna need a legit appraiser

  9. Oh those poor landlords it’s so hard to sit there and collect paycheques for owning the housing people need

  10. Who did you rob to get that? I just saw an ad for a single can going for $220.

  11. How are americans hurting this bad for 54r?? It’s everywhere in Canada

  12. Commenting so I can find an answer when you get one

  13. You are literally paying $250 for a corporate spy within your home

  14. Hey remember the past two years the biden admin has been in office and hasn’t reinstated that rule?

  15. Supposedly if a Gurkha draws his kukri he can't return it to his sheath unblooded, so he will nick his finger with it first.. anyone see where I'm going with this?

  16. This is a myth, it’s a knife used for everyday tasks all the time. Their fingers would just be destroyed

  17. Isn’t this guy mesmer from season 1 of the boys?

  18. I don’t get how you can be an enby and conservative. The cognitive dissonance must be insane

  19. Libertarian originally referred to left wing anarchists before right wing capitalists appropriated it

  20. Yeah, and prominent Democrats formed the KKK, before the parties switched platforms. And “guy” used to be an insult, referring to Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the English Parliament.

  21. Okay, cool story. It’s still used that way though in like so many contexts

  22. Your antidepressants shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, my friend drank less than 2 shots at a party and we had to carry him home, wasn’t easy either man is all muscle.

  23. Get some goo gone, still annoying to remove but it’ll do most of the work for you

  24. Placed on paid leave. I’ll bet $10 right now that he never serves a day in prison…. Fuckwagon state…

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