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  1. You could add their boss into it as well. So many of the people that buy into this shit will simp for economic tyrants. It's frustrating.

  2. No bro, Elon is a genius and will revolutionise shit-posting technology, you'll see

  3. No bro you don't understand, the bilionare companies are obviously the victims here!

  4. The gloves shake when I move the phone screen. Is anyone else experiencing this? It feels like an illusion effect

  5. In case anyone is wondering where the "both sides are just as bad" is coming from, this is it.

  6. If the industry is so vital that your economy dies without it, that's a pretty good reason to nationalise it

  7. Why is it called moral necessity and not moral requirement or something?

  8. For someone who is against cancel culture Elon sure seems to cancel a lot of people, huh?

  9. Imagine if 8 billion people spent zero minutes a day not throwing their trash on the ground.

  10. Victim blaming at it's finest. I'm sure the giant France sized garbage island was made by regular people littering and not giant corporations dumping their trash in the ocean

  11. In Germany, plastic bottles cost 0.5 - 1€ extra. You can then bring those bottles to a recycling machine and get the money back. This incentivises people to not throw their trash everywhere.

  12. So far I haven't gone bankrupt from taking a shit

  13. Hopefully this kind of shit will make people in the IT sector get behind the unionisation bandwagon

  14. Stop spamming this. At least read the comments of all the previous posts and get a clue

  15. I love this feature, I hope it becomes widespread

  16. Ahh yes. I remember the convoys of pickup trucks waving Obama flags. I remember hordes of people draped in Obama clothing……

  17. Remember when the Libs(TM) started referring to Obama as the supreme leader, or the chosen one?

  18. If you're the US, you wouldn't have to worry. It's not even a competition

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