1. So many dog-whistles. Does Braverman not realise that she's just a pastiche of... herself. The woman's a walking meme.

  2. Deny, deflect, delay, delay, delay... no change there then.

  3. Intimidated? The photographer was detained for 14 hours and his house was searched, frightening his wife and young offspring. I'm still unclear as to whether a warrant was involved and granted on what grounds, or is a warrant even now required...?

  4. Firmer; like arresting and holding reporters covering these protests yesterday despite their showing their press credentials, detaining one of them for 14 hours and searching his house into the bargain, frightening his wife and offspring. That kind of firmer. Putin-like firmer, and I don't think that's a gross exaggeration..

  5. Aside from the utter implausibility of this happening within the time frame (or at all...), where are all the necessary qualified people needed to run a nuclear plant going to come from? Shouldn't RR be starting up a large apprenticeship scheme for nuclear plant technicians to be ready for the commissioning of these plants? Lol. What a load of absolute twaddle.

  6., no sit down, I've still more than 200 slides to show you yet.

  7. Welcome to field recording. Thank you for these. I do love a loon's call.

  8. We do unfortunately. It's mostly Sika though. There is 3 or 4 scattered herds of red but Sika can be found anywhere there a hill with a coniferous plantation. I personally am not a farmer but I know alot and theyre always giving out about them on their land. But the deer population is low in Mayo in comparison to Kerry or Roscommon. Yes I don't know how they're planning on setting this up like it is very theoretical

  9. I've never seen a deer in Mayo, though I'd very much like to. I've travelled the Mayo roads at all hours but seen no deer. Otters, pine martens, and the big herd of wild goats at Pontoon, but no deer, (and there are coniferous plantations on both sides of the Pontoon-Castlebar road). Not doubting you at all as it's unlikely that there are no deer in Mayo, just that that's my experience.

  10. Sliabh Cairn in Kiltimagh. Lots of deer there. Barnncarroll, Murneen there's deer. There's deer in Acaill. There's deer in Partraí. Theres deer in Ballycroy. Plenty of deer in Mayo if you know where to look.

  11. I shall be doing so this week! Thank you.

  12. If it's accepted practice and the norm (or a mandated necessity?) to inform MPs if they're to be mentioned in the House's proceedings then that should be done. Why should Sunak be special in this respect? The reasons why he persists in mentioning Corbyn are by the way, and another matter altogether, and to bring up 'reasons' is simply deflection and whataboutery.

  13. Corbyn flagged that as a point of order last time. Penny responded that she was giving him advance notice to expect his name mentioned, “at least weekly” for the foreseeable future…

  14. That doesn't seem like a proper procedure...

  15. Most peoples grandkids are going to despise them and they'll wonder why.

  16. True. The people with the power to do the most to minimise climate change are the ones doing so poorly at it. The ramifications for the future can only be imagined...

  17. So Just Stop Oil will be blocking traffic and climbing objects outside of Whitehall, Parliament and No 10 to get their attention then to do it better rather than impacting the lives of the general public around London?

  18. Are you responding to my comment? I neither supported, decried, or even mentioned Just Stop Oil and their activities.

  19. Was drinking coffee at 6 years old. Sipping my mam's very sweet cuppas, and having full cups by 7. Her fault! I'm a complete coffee addict. I've managed to give up cigarettes and sugar, but the coffee still remains! Thinking about this, this minute, I'm having a bit of an epiphany... it might just explain some of my behaviour at school...

  20. Not really. I found £300 in twenties, in a Nationwide Building Society envelope, outside a supermarket in the UK. With some considerable effort I managed to get it back to the batty little old lady who'd lost it. It was most of her month's pension. The supermarket (Waitrose) told me to help myself to any bottle I wanted from their booze section! My thinking was that that money might have been someone's rent, or life savings, and that losing it could literally ruin their life.

  21. Because that's what has happened across Europe and the little plastic Irish passport card that I have in my wallet, as a dual British/Irish citizen, is actually more of a tracking device I should be scared of than the phone in my other pocket.

  22. Surely the card, just like your passport, simply records your travels abroad? We (most of us) don't view our passports as sinister authoritarian instruments, surely? Plus the passport card is a voluntarily applied for document that you chose to pay for, isn't it?

  23. So Williamson was the necessary brutal ganger man needed to keep the fractious and disgruntled in line. Good to know that our elected representatives are effectively a bunch of uncontrollable children who respond only to threats, coercion, or savage bullying.

  24. Gibbering word salad; relationships, boilers, nursing salaries, worried, inflation.

  25. The education secretary job in the Tory party has never been one they've given any shits about, usually somewhere to put someone vaguely useful so they can agree with you on things not related to education when you need a cabinet minister on TV. Just ask teachers.

  26. "...they would subsidise economic activity that would happen anyway."? So investment would happen at the same level/rate, whether or not incentives, subsidies, and tax breaks existed? Interesting, ve-ry interesting...

  27. God, but I love the Burren. Luckily I love the ocean as well...

  28. Nope. A good scrubbing with a scouring sponge immediately after use. Wipe dry, or stand on its edge to air dry. I'm still using a couple of my grandmother's chopping boards, and I've just realised they're easily over eighty years old!

  29. Aside from our (decent and valuable) international peacekeeping duties, Ireland's never been been discussed as a military force with a powerful standing army in the same way as, say France, Germany, the UK, or any other large nation. It's always been considered a defence force overall. To speak of it in terms of NATO or war-in-Europe is ridiculous or even borderline malicious, for want of a better word.

  30. Patenting sleeves and rocks... perfectly normal.

  31. The comments here lead me to believe people are actually going outdoors... This is completely against the ethos of this sub.

  32. My hat is off to you! A true purist...

  33. No offence, but that is a silly question. Anyone who eats tayto cheese and onion knows there’s no consistency to them. Sometimes they’re savage, and sometimes they’re shite. Keoghs are the same, but not as much variation. Tesco own brand are very consistent, as are walkers.

  34. Crisps are peculiarly inconsistent in flavour, it has to be said. Sometimes it seems like there's a lot less flavouring, and other times salt and vinegar might melt your teeth. One of life's enduring mysteries...

  35. Hilarious- doesn't talk in memes but uses the phrase "Guardianista talking points." You're obviously immune to irony as well as being a sad troll. I've looked at your post history, so don't bother denying it.

  36. This is the one issue that makes tory voters support reform instead.

  37. Maybe, but then there are far fewer Tory voters these days, if the polls in this sub are to be believed...

  38. It is a quote that was somewhat taken out of context. Starmer was saying that we are too reliant on workers from overseas, because we clearly aren't training enough of our own doctors and nurses.

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