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  1. I'd call it a Scribe for doing layout marks in metal work. The latch keeps the point protected and safe in your pocket.

  2. No. Nothing automatic here....but it IS a scribe for metal working.

  3. I know this was not the point of the comment, but I’m really curious what’s preferable about the bikini underwear?

  4. There's the joke about "tighty whities" but briefs or smaller underwear that fit properly feel amazing and look good, I wouldn't want my equipment dangling inside loose boxer shorts.

  5. Not unless you can make it work and you have a space for mid-century modern furniture. Nice small-ish stereo but German electronics are hard to work on and it would be hard to resell. Think of it as an end table; would you buy it?

  6. That's a hand pumped vacuum cleaner missing its hose and nozzle.

  7. Our department is part of county government, but we bend over backwards to do these types of things. But the county HR committee (not HR department) made up of elected supervisors put me through a 30 minute grilling for asking approval for a PT employee to take a 3 week leave without pay to do the student teaching portion of her degree and then return to help us in the summer. Otherwise, she would just have to quit and we would have to rehire for the summer. A move that save them money, saved us hiring and training, and let her finish her degree. You would have thought she trying to rob us, according to them. The HR director just sat there rolling her eyes the entire time and finally told them how stupid they were being.

  8. Amazing that an HR director would dare rock the boat. Maybe she’s competent

  9. Two weeks??? Gotta be some reason she wants to hang in a little longer or it should be two HOURS

  10. Nothing about this would indicate a scam. Those saying otherwise are inexperienced. This is a a common interaction on eBay.

  11. Agree. They want the seller to ship it promptly and they're telling them why. The seller stilll has whatever protection eBay offers.

  12. I think fans are about feeling cool. I like a "tropical breeze" effect which to me means that my face feels air flow plus your head has the most blood circulation. So I think face/upper body unless you sleep with minimal clothing for which I would say face/exposed skin.

  13. In my country lifebuoys keep getting stolen, so this seems like a good idea

  14. What are people stealing them for? Are they expensive? Or just for fun?

  15. Dang, boy, I bet that ther perserver thang'd bring $5 at the flea mall!!

  16. In Appalachia (most of Tennessee) that would happen as well. FYI the holder post is probably set in concrete to prevent it from being sold as scrap metal

  17. You did great finding that lady. Congratulations!

  18. Don't these modifications need to be certified for safety?

  19. It probably got licensed as a "private bus" with seats ripped out so it had 16 or fewer passengers and could be driven without a CDL. And will never be inspected again unless the driver gets stopped by police. I've seen old buses made into NICE race car transporters and hay haulers.

  20. “The water depth at the scene is over 1,000 metres, making it extremely difficult to carry out salvage works,” the statement from Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises said...."

  21. Hire someone professional and insured. I hired a good ole boy to trim trees and he showed up with 7 people including 3 girlfriends. I paid because they stayed on the ground but now he shows up every 6 months asking about old cars that I own.

  22. Hmm I got some pretty good hair there.....

  23. Maybe a guilly suit (im probably saying that wrong) from a hunting store? Ypu know, the one that makes you look like your covered in seaweed...

  24. Uh-huh. I noticed a local cop car parked next to a handicap spot in a strip mall with clearly visible parking markings extending under the car. I walked closer with my phone out and saw that the markings were simply some indication of the end of parking spaces etc....NOT a problem. Within seconds a cop emerges from a shop asking why I was taking a picture of his car and tries to intimidate me while I sit in my car.

  25. “Well I guess I’ve got the Covid now” - like it’s their time, inevitable, and a normal thing because only a stupid Librull would take some new government vaccine or be forced to wear a mask.

  26. If it’s 1 view and 1 watcher and it’s a new listing it’s 100% a seller/bot. I really like auto send offers but I always wait until I have 3 watchers.

  27. FYI I often watch items I'm considering, maybe because it's the best deal I see for a particular item, maybe I'm hoping for an offer, maybe I'm curious about the "going rate", maybe I can't afford it yet...

  28. About 2.3 miles or 50 minute hike out the Moonbow Trail at Cumberland Falls. But it’s like 10 minutes off the trail.

  29. If you hike in this part of the state often, search for similar terrain in the Rockcastle River Narrows, trail runs east from Bee Rock Park in Pulaski County.

  30. Really cool, I'm in NE Ohio but I'm already full up. I know often times I've collected many at auctions in our area and when there is a "big radio auction" generally there are quite a few people that come from miles around for em. If you can't find someone to buy them in one fell swoop might consider that to unload them.

  31. Right. Look up and auctioneers that use it in your area. Look for GOOD pics and 100's of vintage items listed and an auctioneer that will arrange shipping, not amazon warehouse returns and flea market items. HiBid seems to be the leading "real auction" site and collectors WILL be attracted or WILL use shipping. PA-OH is antique radio central so you could do OK.

  32. MULTIPLE antique radio groups on Facebook plus there's a specific Antique Radios For Sale FB group. Search for "radio". I'll reinforce; DON'T try to "make them work" or demonstrate them. A collector will know their value and you could destroy certain unobtainium parts.

  33. Something I haven't seen mentioned that I have only seen in Appalachian homes: a sliced tomato as a side dish. Maybe a sprinkle of salt on it.

  34. Beetles are attracted to the yellow and the pheromone packet and fall into the green bag. Could have blown from wherever it was hung.

  35. Dog vomit slime mold. These organisms can MOVE like The Blob!! I had one this size that "crawled" about 15" overnight, then stopped and eventually turned black. Gross but cool.

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