1. Exactly. And I have the full Kontakt 6 with no plans to upgrade to the full version of 7.

  2. Same. Third party libraries might push me to 7, but little they added to 7 appeals to me. Wish they'd add some better ways for building control interfaces for our own sampled instruments - that would be a big add for me. Maybe I just need to learn the scripting to build my own though.

  3. I'm assuming you're referring to getting Kontakt in your post, but if you're talking about getting Komplete ignore my reply.

  4. Yeah, I was wondering what libraries would make me eligible for the discount, as I’ve seen some libraries for like £20

  5. If you like sampled libraries, my vote goes to Decent Sampler. Get it and pair it with some free libraries from pianobook.

  6. I guess I had a little less favorable viewpoint than many here. I played the first one, and enjoyed it ok, but that was enough, and I didn't play any of the follow-ups. There was too much "open a compartment - find a key to open a lock inside that compartment - when you find the key it opens another secret compartment somewhere else on the box - that needs you to pull a hidden lever somewhere in another hidden compartment - etc). " I guess it felt more like needling and prodding everywhere in the environment to see what happens rather than solving a puzzle that made sense. Maybe try the first one to see if you like before committing to the entire series. fwiw.

  7. Note: I'm on PC, but there is a notice on the shop page regrading MacOS users basically saying don't buy now if you're using MacOS:

  8. Yep, that note is totally unchanged from when I learned about Jamstix in the 2021 holiday sale period. I would've given the Mac beta mentioned a go despite the bugs reported, but never found a link. It's a great concept, I hope it's not totally dead.

  9. I'm going to learn to use it better. I like what it can do, with so many plugins to learn I just haven't really dug in yet. Am reading the manual now so I can use it in more than a basic way.

  10. I like the JCM800 sim in Nolly. I like Soldano too, but in the end I went with Nolly as it has that Marshall sound I like.

  11. Do I need Cory Wong if I have Tone King? I read something on here about them being fairly similar.

  12. I demoed both and found them to be very different. I bought Tone King, but Cory Wong didn't connect with me at all. I understand maybe it'll appeal most to funk players maybe.

  13. Ok. I'm just going to ask the question I am thinking. I don't play guitar - but I like using guitar amps on synth leads from time to time. I also hire out session guitarists for songs intermittently. Is this a plugin - or any of theirs at a steep discount - that I should consider?

  14. If you do reamping of the dry electric DI it might be of interest. If not, don't worry about it. (edit: I see this comment may refer to the Cory Wong. I didn't vibe with that one at all, but really liked a couple others).

  15. Not sure if it's similar, but Nembrini has a Shimmer Delay that's pretty cool and sounds something like what you describe.

  16. These one day special sales by Neural are an excellent way to get me to check out sims that I normally wouldn't listen to or trial.

  17. Nice deal to get Helix Native included. That was normally a $70-$100 extra addon to the hardware.

  18. I actually just picked up the Motown kit as well. Love it so far. Their kits mix together really nicely too. I'm hearing good results blending the 60's Motown kick and snare with the Modern Folk Kit snare and hats which have such a nice room sound.

  19. Cool. Was there an actual Motown Kontakt Kit somewher or just the samples/replacements? Do you take the samples and build your own kit in Kontakt with them, or maybe use the replacement packs. Seems it would be a huge job to build a kontakt kit from scratch and functions as expected, but I'm asking because I see the multisample packs but am curious how people use them if not in Kontakt. thanks in advance

  20. I use the pre-built Ableton Drum Racks. They have all the muiltsamples all setup and ready to go. So I put the Motown drum rack on one track and then the Modern Folk on another, then I can mute individual parts of the racks to mix them. That said, I see there is a Kontakt folder with different kits in there, one for each of the different snares (60s Motown Kit - Blue Snare.nki for example, plus 3 others), but I haven't tried them as I tend to stick to the Ableton Drum Rack.

  21. I understand. Thanks for the info. Hope you get some cool tunes from it. I'm looking forward to working with the motown loops myself. So vibey and very grooving that feels like some of the oldies music I grew up listening to.

  22. Presets with Reverb and Chorus tend to be more difficult. I tried the standalone now and it works really well. No problems at all. Huh. I gotta figure out why Ableto does that. Maybe I reinstall it on my main hardrive.

  23. Interesting, I can run 2 Tone King insert though, and cpu only goes from 28 to 30%. It's the first one that increases cpu quite a bit.

  24. Hm. VST3 should be more efficient though so that seems to work like it should be.

  25. With how Neural’s sale is trending I’ll probably bite at this price for Tone King Imperial or Cory Wong

  26. Tone King is great. It doesn't cost much more than this already. I think it's $49.xx something + local sales tax in US.

  27. Just posting another suggestion to try the demo for Tone King for lower gain and classic stuff if that's what you're looking for. Neural pulled off something special with this sim imho.

  28. I use the Superlux 681 evo closed ear. They're easy on the budget and I like them fine for playing. Being closed ear they close out room sounds, but can get a bit hot if that bugs you, but otherwise they sound good to me for recording and playing.

  29. I have a little Tascam dx-07 portable recorder wired into my audio to save song ideas that aren't ready for a daw, and toggle it between microphones and line input as needed.

  30. Yeah, I'd heard so much about the Cory Wong amp cleans and breakup sounds, but I had a tough time finding much to like. I'd tried the Tone King just before and it was much more what I was looking for in those type of sounds.

  31. I just installed Nolly a few days ago, and mine didn't have any artist presets either than the ones you mentioned. Not sure if that's supposed to be that way or not.

  32. Buying from the US using my credit union Visa debit card, Cali cost me $41.39 + a $0.41 "international service fee."

  33. Probably currency conversion. Be particularly careful with currency conversion if using paypal - they have very expensive currency conversions - I think around 5%. For international I utilize my CC to do the conversion because it gives much better conversion rates to the local currency.

  34. I tried Harvest (I think it was Harvest), and it wasn't for me - but they had a refund policy at the time - so if still in effect that lowers the risk.

  35. The Fortin Cali Suite was on the bubble for me and I wasn't going to get it. Now another 10 euro off has me reconsidering. Definitely worth a look for those shopping for modern sounding amp sims. It'll do other stuff too, but I feel like modern sounds are it's wheelhouse.

  36. I demoed the Tone King and immediately bought it 3 days later. I was sold in the first half hour but forced myself to wait. I've been playing a lot of the NDSP over the last year and bought a Morning Star pedal and Seymore Duncan powerstage to run my 4x12 with the cab sim off.

  37. I ended up getting Tone King and Nolly. My #3 choice is the Soldano, but I might be putting the brakes on amp sims for now so have cash for something else. The Tone King was also immediate for me. I knew within a very short while that that sim was something I wanted.

  38. The helix native is very weird in my opinion. (I never tested the Helix Hardware, but they are the same algorithms). The best tone that I got was using the "Badonk" model with a Ownhammer IR but I was using the trial version before the 3.0 update, so I do not know how it is now. All the clean tones that I did sounded like a raw DI with some reverb.

  39. Demoing the Neural plugs I did "feel" something different like you describe. It could've been like compression, but it seemed it maybe "smoothed" my playing and the amp response out. Hard to describe, but more noticeable on cleans. I thought maybe there was some kind of room sim behind the scenes also, but maybe it's more what you're describing. The Tone King amp, in addition to the regular IRs has additional room IRs which I think can contribute to that effect.

  40. Cool. Hope you like them. I love the sound of the clav but unfortunately can't play it the way it needs to be played - like Stevie Wonder ;-). The White Grand was one of my first Sampletekk pianos - it's really the one that caught my ear first. If I could piano I'd definitely use it it more.

  41. Nice. I'm kindof have a thing for sampled stuff, but yeah, lots of cool stuff out there

  42. If they included a free SDX with the crossgrade from EZD2/3 to SD3 I might would do it.

  43. Awesome, thank you for your opinion! I was on the fence between this or something from Toontrack (EZ or SD), but I like how much variety AD seems to have. And knowing how small of a footprint it will leave on my hard drive was the final thing I needed to convince me. Now I just need to decide between the 6 pack or the 10 pack

  44. btw, I don't want to encourage you to spend more than your budget, and don't know the variety of sounds you're going for - but if you can swing it I think you'll be glad if you go with more drums and midi. I kept going back and buying more every time they went on sale again, LOL.

  45. That’s kind of what I’m thinking, if I don’t get them now I’m gonna be spending more on em later. It’s only a ~$75 difference on JRR to go from 6 pack to 10 pack anyways

  46. Cool. Good luck with it. The grooves and vibes have certainly aided my songwriting and helped make jamming more fun. For me an inspiring groove makes a huge difference in pulling ideas out.

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