1. They’re nice but expect them to go above ebay prices on that website

  2. Yeah, last month a set of 3 went for $375, I expect the bidding to be crazy, but I want them soooo bad. Worth a car payement to me!

  3. Isn’t that the place Mid Mod Marion always sources at? 🤣

  4. For those who don’t know, I believe there’s a bunch of Instagram vintage influencers that relentlessly promote how they consistently score vintage deals at the Arc thrift store in Denver

  5. As a Denver Resident, no way in hell. They are getting stuff from an estate sale. All our thrift stores have 7.99 on SheIn shit, 30 for broken small appliances, and Mason jars for 4.00 each.

  6. Same thing in my area so i dont understand how these vintage dealers can keep pretending they score stuff in thrift stores

  7. It looks to me to be a lane rhythm 9 drawer dresser. Typically the doors would have had a cane overlay. They may have been damaged and replaced or this was a style I’m unfamiliar with made in lesser quantities.

  8. Minor scratches here and there can be improved greatly with a set of touch up markers. I doubt you want to get into refinishing the whole thing if it's a first time project. Stick to touch up and maybe refinish just the top if it needs it.

  9. I’m ordering one from Modilumi.

  10. Sorry for some reason I thought it was supposed to have a double tier shade like modeline lamps usually do, but this one actually only requires a fairly simple shade:

  11. Do they make reproduction Modeline shades? I can’t find on their website

  12. Nice find. I’ve given up on my goodwill long ago. There’s one grandma there that sits all day circling the store and jumps on the carts as they come out. She grabs everything that looks half good and takes it to a corner to Google Lens her catch. And she does this all day, every day. No one beats the grandma. Supreme grandma!

  13. Damn sorry to hear that. I live less than 3 minutes from one and work across the street of a different one. So I just always go in after work and look around.

  14. It’s way over ebay sold prices but that’s the only way they can stay so stocked up. It’s obviously for people who want to just go and get the HTF piece they need to finish their collection without too much of a fuss

  15. The guy’s comment is obviously out of line but i’m sure we can all understand the frustration of seeing some deal on marketplace only for it to be reposted later for double or triple by someone else

  16. Exactly. There’s no value being added or service being provided here. Same buyer pool as before, same locale, just a middle man seller skimming off the top.

  17. You’re correct, sorry you’re getting downvoted… the worst i’ve seen is a local furniture dealer who posts furniture for over $1000+ with pictures from the previous owners. Im talking bad pictures, with previous owners’ old crap on the furniture. Zero effort!

  18. I see stuff like this actually selling for more money on my local marketplace than mid century pieces in original condition… the real issue is that people buy this stuff 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. I haven’t seen any this bad but usually is the weird sage color and wood stain pieces. They usually look cleanly done but I personally don’t like the 2 tone look. They actually sell fast.

  20. Yes i see that a lot. They look “clean” in pictures but hard to say what it is like up close

  21. I have a similar piece. Mine is a octagonal tidbit tray. I think at some point identified as new martinsville or morgantown based on its shape. I can't check right now, it's packed up for a move. Mine glows like crazy under blacklight. Some of the old manufacturers habe different names for opaque green glass like green clambroth.

  22. Thank you for all the info! I will look into those companies. Unfortunately mine doesn’t glow :/

  23. My mom used to call that color Oatmeal glass. It could have uranium. Jadeite is the closest. . Did you try a black light on it?

  24. Love it! True to period mid century. We don’t see enough of these restorations

  25. The amber glass at the top is Moon and Stars pattern. Highly collectible. I don’t personally collect it but I know people do. Again Im not exactly the expert but I would guess the Moon and Stars fairy lamp is worth a pretty penny

  26. Fair enough. But i would guess the fairy lamp is the most valuable item in there, at least among the moon and stars lot? Correct me if i’m wrong

  27. There are two of them in the bedroom and I find them so interesting to look at! I want to move them with us when we go but my husband is not convinced.

  28. Keep them. They’re beautiful and valuable atomic lamps. It’s hard to find them with original shades in such good shape

  29. My favorite piece my grandparents left me. I always thought it was an Adrian Pearsall, but I can’t find any markings other than “Yugoslavia 52” on the backrest. Any info would be appreciated!

  30. Hmm I was thinking maybe even earlier than Mid century but I wasn’t sure where to post it. If you’re thinking 80s, any idea on what the style would be called?

  31. ive never heard of it. i dont doubt your experience but the average American thinks of cheese and pep when they think of pizza.

  32. as is our store isnr set up to do things like tending to orders that need less time in the oven. if they set it up differently we could probably make it work but gotta account for the amount of business

  33. Now that you mention it I remember the one time I ordered a tomato pie at a place outside NJ/Philly area i received it burned. But around here all the pizza places know how to make it and almost always have it on the menu

  34. Well it’s wool and the style of the weave is called kilim, which I didn’t know was the name for it until I looked it up yesterday. But apparently it’s known to be very durable! Found the same one online for $130, crazy

  35. This is why I love this subreddit I buy a lot storage units and I something like this was in there I’d thrown it away. Wouldn’t of guessed there was value here. Thanks for the education.

  36. I would have done the same… what is so special about it?

  37. I agree. $60 is about what it’s worth.

  38. Prices are more expensive at vintage shops.

  39. Not sure about the base, but I can tell you the tulip style lamp shade sells for around $150.

  40. It looks like someone stripped it and replaced the hardware

  41. Ah the “damn I guess this is valuable” silent auction lol. I hate when sellers do that but this guy was a good man

  42. Love love love! Amazing true to period job. Would love to see this more often. Most “mid century kitchen” posts I see are just modern kitchens that don’t have anything to do with how kitchens actually looked in the 50s-60s. Great job!!!!

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