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  1. If this continues the Judge will direct a NG verdict and Wilkinson and Fitzsimmons should start divesting assets to their children. The civil claim will get very messy. One must question the integrity of many journalists. This was a political hit job. And before the “it’s so hard for women” crowd complain don’t delete phone records, go to the media before police, not get medical evidence, lie under oath etc. I believe rapists if given a fair trial and convicted should face capital punishment. But this isn’t rape. It’s a young lady making up a lie to excuse her drunken behaviour and then seeing an opportunity to be a national victim. Unlucky for her Mr Whybrow has taken the time to expose her lies

  2. As soon as I saw bowser I thought ‘he reminds me of someone…Jack Black!’

  3. I mean ideally the honourable thing to do would be to call those involved yourself (I.e. Suallii calling Mal)

  4. 2 unique autoantibodies have been identified

  5. I remember once I told people I have a post viral illness (this was way before covid came along and people had more awareness of this) and I got the distinct impression people were treating me like I had full blown AIDS

  6. I’m fairly sure high CRP is fairly common in CFS, ESR is also frequently high.

  7. Thank lord he only did some domestic violence and nothing heinous like insulting the dead Queen or he'd really be in trouble

  8. On the bright side, he probably hasn’t been behaving as badly as a QLD police officer

  9. Looks heaps better to me - based on these photos I’d say keep doing what you’re doing

  10. XLM works as a cryptocurrency. LTC works as a cryptocurrency. Lots of people use both.

  11. Anything that indicates that this is a huge project though? "partnering" could mean anything like they could do something very little and it could apply as "partnership".

  12. Yet, again. I'm not sure what that means or rather how big it is. Others said that this is just a very small part in atma itself too. Also it's just an announcement not a result yet so it could go any way

  13. Yeh I’m just pointing out the body of the release describes what the partnership involves

  14. Thanks. Theyre on a plant I gave my friends son. Ive just read up on them and they seem to be thoroughly infested and he also possibly has sooty mold on it as a result

  15. Scale can be hard to eradicate - I’ve had most success applying isopropyl alcohol to them directly with a cotton bud (every single bug) and then regularly spraying with something like neem or insecticidal soap to prevent them coming back

  16. He said he would rather deal with side effects because it's much less unpleasant than his regular pain. I'm thinking it will get better in a while. Just hoping the pain relief doesn't stop.

  17. Yeh hopefully it’ll resolve on it own, it often does - for most people the first 2 weeks are the worst for side effects and then they settle down.

  18. I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t get over how bad the tv is here either

  19. The NRL and making big stories out of nothing burgers while conveniently ignoring two cases of assault/DV.

  20. You could have also overdone it during the 4 days you felt like you had virtually no fatigue, resulting in a crash.

  21. Such a fuckin rugby league thing to do - come up with a dumb idea no one asked for then completely half-arse it so it loses any meaning it might have had.

  22. TLDR - Mick Hagan has devised a system so that jersey numbers will be based on length of time playing for the Kangaroos rather than allocate squad numbers based on a likely starting 17

  23. Length of time playing for Kangaroos, or alternatively alphabetical order…unless you’re James Tedesco, in which case you wear 1. It’s a perfectly cromulent system.

  24. Just be honest - tell them you can't afford to pay more than you're currently paying and will start looking for somewhere else.

  25. Whilst I have no love for Harvey Norman, I actually have a Latitude MasterCard.

  26. The point is they actively tried to mislead people, whether or not people should know better isn’t the point.

  27. Unlike banks, funds on centralised crypto exchanges and lenders (and other non-bank institutions) are not insured by the government.

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