1. Your Lie in April was also something that I did not expect to impact me so much. My entire life I've been looking for something that I'm great at, some talent I was born with. I kept quitting things because I thought they were too hard or I that just wasn't cut out to succeed in them. I carried on like that for a while until I realized I had not worked at anything in my life. Two years ago, I started playing the piano. As I was much older than the kids who normally started out, it was an incredibly daunting experience for me. I kept seeing all of these amazing players and I kept thinking that there was no point in trying hard as I would never reach that level. After watching Your Lie in April, I first bawled my eyes out, of course. But then I felt this inexplicable urge to play the piano and never stop. For a solid week after watching it, I practiced every day for more than 2 hours, a huge jump from my previously reluctant 45 min(If even that much). I couldn't pull myself away from the keys. I hadn't felt the joy of playing in so long and, when I finally poured all my emotions from YLIA into my playing, it was so overwhelming. I felt like crying and laughing. In that those few days of practicing as if my life depended on it, my playing improved greatly. I glided over parts and pieces that were previously difficult for me and the techniques which I had been manually incorporating into my playing became automatic. I felt like a new person. Of course, the feelings that had been so overwhelming right after YLIA died down in the following weeks and I practiced less. But that surge of emotion and the need to play renewed my passion for playing. I believe I'm a much better player because of it. I learned how to use my emotions to play just like for Kosei. I also learned that people become great through their dedication and hard work, not just inherent talent like everyone inspired by Kosei's playing.

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