Game over. Kanye goes full Mask off

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  1. right, but which legend rare? (Currently on ITF ch 2 and CotC ch1)

  2. For more context as to where i'm currently at in the game, i'm currently at ITF ch2 and CotC ch1.

  3. I would take this with a grain of salt. This is taken out of context since we know nothing about the conversation they were saying. It actually sounds like a joke to me due to Rikers comment and the weapon Worf has on his back.

  4. popcast has a really good track record at getting things wrong. I watched them for a while in the past, none of their predictions came to pass. ZERO.

  5. OP probably doesn't have access to that feature, they might even be guildless.

  6. what's the point of deleting it instead of just using the archive feature tho?

  7. i was asking 'why it archived though commits instead of using the archive feature?'

  8. the author even deleted their reddit account. I looked up what this thing was (I haven't heard of it before), leading me to a 3 year old DistroTube video where he linked to one of the author's posts from

  9. I would love to have a water issue! we are currently under a terrible drought, but yes, i built a french drain system for my home and I collect rain water before it hits the ground for my lovely little garden. Any water is enjoyed and appreciated around these parts.

  10. it only takes one bigger rain to have your house standing in water for a day or two, and that'll damage it permanently. my grandparents lived in cob houses and taught me that at an early age.

  11. You do realize that most European countries had the same thing for almost 2000 years also. It's not a American thing. It's a Christian influenced cultures thing of which Europe is the biggested and most documented example of.

  12. You don't know your history very well. In the UK women needed a male cosigner to have a credit card until 1970s. It isn't just about America. Don't forget the famously aggressive UK suffergette movement

  13. as I just said to the other commenter, I was talking about Europe, not the UK. :P

  14. Wow. Easy to see how holocaust happened now.

  15. Ss:. Was James Corbett deplatformed just for being a conspiracy theorist or what? I don't see anything offensive in his content

  16. So, I'm assuming your talking about the cascading bad economic things that are happening in the world right now. And the acts that go along with them, Including the example I posted.

  17. even if I was a murrican I wouldn't watch Clot News 😂😂😂

  18. consider installing a ceiling laundry rack if you can. it won't be in the way

  19. you'll get banned in a month. use bitchute or odysee instead.

  20. Pizza overrated tbh. I’m in endgame and pizza doesn’t have sh on those savage blows against annoying af zombies. Besides, Jizo exists.

  21. I scrolled a while in the previous thread and found all comments wrong, so here's me hoping I'll also be wrong:

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