1. Big guy is absolutely looking down on you and smiling. Rest in peace Wade 🥲

  2. I could see Soto, Vlad Jr or Acuña to try to bring in the younger crowd.

  3. soto and acuna especially have been having down years - would be hard to justify

  4. Yeaaa it's tough. Judge or Ohtani could repeat. Maybe Mookie Betts? Vlad Jr is having a solid season but definitely a step down from last year :/

  5. You are absolutely not alone my friend! Been in the industry about 6 years, 5 as a private trainer and summers are usually slow. Everyone is on vacations and it just comes with the territory of being part of this industry.

  6. I swear to God if they don't throw in a free soda I'm gonna be frickin pissed dude. Lol but for serious

  7. Dang I remember grinding through all 30 teams a few years back. That shit was actually brutal

  8. I still consider it a huge achievement that I managed to take the Dodgers stronghold in 2019.

  9. Audi R8 and BMW i8 are deff two of my favorite to just cruise around in

  10. They had a perfect game goin and they jumped the frickin carp I'm serious.

  11. Vid did not need to go that hard. Whoever made it deserves a raise immediately

  12. Card did not have to be such an L. Whoever made it deserves at least firm "but why tho?"

  13. Lmaooooo no freaking way!! I absolutely thought I was the only one who did this 😂

  14. just sent you a friend request! my psn is rye_rye_bread

  15. Awesome! Been hoping to find some friends to play this game with!

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