1. I think Kelsey Impicciche is an exception. She did talk about Buzzfeed a lot while working there, but I never found her annoying. She also didn’t comment on the Ned and Ariel situation as far as I’m aware.

  2. Kelsey I think just unfollowed Ned and Alex, but nothing else. And she’s been pretty neutral on BuzzFeed too, just said that she wanted the ability to do everything on her own terms. I like Kelsey a whole lot.

  3. If I was Will I might leak it too. He and Alex were engaged and in the midst of planning a wedding; having someone betray you like that has to be the worst feeling on earth. And especially if it’s happening out in the open so shamelessly, you might be feeling petty. It’s possible that the other three would have removed him without disclosing the reasons why for the sake of Ariel, but Will just made sure Ned didn’t escape with his brand intact. So I don’t feel that bad about it.

  4. I’m not even lying when I said I was crying tears of joy over these photos of him. I missed Chanyeol so much it physically pains me.

  5. I’ve been talking about this the past few days with friends and I think the same thing. There’s a massive difference between being a messy drunk and cheating. Maybe Ned’s always been like that when he drinks so it wasn’t out of character even if it was hella embarrassing. I just can’t imagine a universe in which they guys try to cover this whole thing up.

  6. I think offering subtitles would be a cool thing for if an idol chooses to save their insta lives to their account. It would be crazy difficult for an AI to autogenerate translated subtitles in real time but I could see a future in which subtitles exist for saved lives.

  7. People came down harder on Garam for something she did when she was 12 then they will for Kai, a grown man hanging out with another grown man who very recently was in a scandal for sexual assault, manipulation, and abuse of power (and for which he did not lose his career nor had to apologize for).

  8. Stan twt despises Kai. He’s already getting dragged and called all sorts of disgusting things just for a photo that may or may not be real and may or may not have Lucas. People were waiting for a reason to cancel him and they’re coming in droves.

  9. I am not convinced that this is true? I've never seen hate for Kai other than from akgaes of other members. He seems like one of the darlings of stan twt.

  10. Nah he get a lot of token stans, but stan twt has a weird one-sided beef with him. You praise his dancing at all and you’ll have like seven other fandoms camping in your quotes to tell you exactly all the reasons he sucks. He spent weeks getting dragged for his Mmmh performances because people were claiming one of his backup dancers was outshining him and he was terrible etc. None of these issues came from other members’ akgaes.

  11. I probably won’t pick it up since I probably have all of those colors in other palettes but I think it’s cute.

  12. Xiumin’s had one of the most satisfying and fun releases I’ve heard all year like I’m so obsessed with every track.

  13. Kun and Ten said in a live they were working on an album and I thought they specified WayV, but idk. All I know for sure is that only WayV members have mentioned recording, they all changed their hair, and with 127 in the middle of comeback promotions, I doubt they’re recording for anything but a WayV comeback.

  14. Sehun. His singing and rapping both have greatly improved over the years and he’s consistently taken vocal lessons to improve on his craft. Every time I hear him sing, I’m always sort of shocked because he sounds so good. He has a smooth singing voice and I find it pleasant. And his raps are great too; EXO’s melodic rap isn’t super easy to do well.

  15. Kai from EXO - he was the main dancer and a rapper at debut, but his singing really improved and now he's found his niche and his solos are pretty well-received :)

  16. D.O. said even when EXO were rookies that he loved Kai’s singing voice so it’s really awesome to see how Kai’s finally able to show that off. Also, the growth in his singing from his first album to Peaches is off the charts.

  17. Jonghyun wrote EXO’s Playboy as well as a song for IU (I can’t remember which one off the top of my head.)

  18. Wasn’t there a scene from the Hurt MV that was lifted pretty much straight from Leon too? Ordinarily I’d say this is just pretty basic 90s/ early 2000s fashion but when you pair it with all the weird shit surrounding MHJ, it gets a little creepy.

  19. I think it all depends on what they do when they come back with post-Ned content (as in not just edited out). I think they absolutely have a chance to keep going because the fanbase will want them to succeed and they’re certainly creative enough to keep thinking of content. But if they can’t do it without the videos feeling awkward or like there’s an elephant in the room that’s where they’ll fail.

  20. I don’t think they’ll be forced out, just that this probably is going to ruin the vibes and I’ve always thought Eugene would leave at some point

  21. I think they’re all famous enough that they could do solo stuff but still try guys stuff. Maybe not as frequently and it’ll turn into a part time gig but I still can envision a path where they can both do whatever they want alone but also do Try guys (assuming they want to)

  22. Well, sure, but I thought this thread was all about groups' members official positions in their respective groups.

  23. I remember hearing somewhere SeChan were the visuals partially because they’re tall. But yeah I agree they’re all actually visuals.

  24. I’m so behind, how did we initially find out Ned was cheating????

  25. The ex-fiancée of Alex (the girl Ned was cheating with) I believe alluded to it on Instagram and then scrubbed his account of all his pictures with her; there was no previous announcement of a breakup. Then both he and Alex unfollowed each other on Instagram and none of them are following Ned anymore. Ned’s also no longer following Alex.

  26. I was holding on to hope that it wasn’t true at first, but then the evidence just kept piling up. I’m so devastated for Ariel and the kids. Idk if it’s just me, but I definitely want her to stick around and be part of Second Try (only if she wants to, of course).

  27. I saw someone on Twitter say “I get that it’s inappropriate but they’re both consenting adults.” As if doing stuff like that doesn’t put you at risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit as well as the employee being in a position that’s suddenly become dependent on being romantic with a boss.

  28. Idk. In my mind Kpop is its own style of music even though it clearly borrows from pop, rnb, and hip hop so Kpop songs in English are still Kpop songs.

  29. But then can you identify what separates kpop music from pop music other than the language? Cause beats will kpop sample a lot of western/American classicals. Choreography isn’t part of music so it doesn’t count nor is the mv structure I am talking just music wise .

  30. But then it doesn’t make sense for Maneskin to qualify for the world album chart. Their genre is rock and all of their songs but one are completely in English.

  31. I was under the impression that Hendery’s a main rapper as well and that Lucas was a sub, but Lucas was the center so he got a ton of lines regardless. But I could be entirely off base.

  32. I’m literally so excited for this. Hyungwon is my bias in Monsta X so seeing him and Xiumin together on screen is going to be excitement overload. I can’t wait!!!

  33. Nah it’s fun seeing more teaser photos. I want it all!

  34. Yeah Suho visited a Van Gogh exhibit and fell head over heels with his work. He said in his Heart4U vlogs that he was never into art until he saw the Van Gogh pieces. And you can see that in his first album; that’s what it’s called Self Portrait. It’s an homage to Van Gogh’s work!

  35. I went to the Gucci store in Rome once because of Kai, he’s definitely influential.

  36. If I saw Kai on an ad for a store I would go there too lol. If I were rich, I would have bought everything in his Gucci collection too. I’m so very jealous of all his fans who bought something.

  37. NTA. It’s hella weird that he would invite EVERYONE but you and then lie about why you didn’t come. It would be one thing if Bob only invited a handful of coworkers, but he purposely excluded you and then covered it up.

  38. Not a terrible accident but when EXO were rookies, D.O. rolled his ankle on stage and ended up badly spraining it. He still performed Growl perfectly though, albeit clearly favoring his good leg. He ended up on crutches after that incident for awhile and needed physical therapy.

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