1. Of course. Trust goes out the window but everything else can be good. It was an open marriage that you were not aware of.

  2. The higher the demand for someone, the more money they command and I’d call that power. That includes baseball players and SBs. There is almost zero demand for men (SDs) in that sense. SDs want something they are powerless to get (SBs) and must pay to get it.

  3. Number of partners, not amount of sex. Maybe they change partners often because their jerks.

  4. So no more protesting against county health professionals in front of their homes!

  5. Get into the left lane early and folks aren’t happy either.

  6. My two favorite tough guys are Liam Nielson and Don Knotts.

  7. Your boyfriend is controlling and inflexible. You didn't really have a nice future together.

  8. I don't think you understand the scientific method. There is no science in what you wrote. Here's a potential scientific study: get a 100 men and five women. Have each woman suck all the men and record the taste. Then change the diet of the 100 men for a month and have the women repeat the fellatio and see if there is any change in taste.

  9. Nice, but, taking a test and being in a relationship have nothing in common.

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